Weed spraying

Weeds in Haringey are sprayed with an herbicide which is toxic to them and kills them. 

This is done to prevent growth: 

  • between paving slabs 
  • along the edge of the road 

After about 2 weeks, the weeds turn brown and are manually removed to prevent them re-growing. 

This work is done by Veolia Environmental Services. 

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Herbicide application 

The Herbicide used is non-hazardous and suitable for external use.  

Veolia work to make sure the weeds are removed while using as little herbicide as possible. 

Herbicides will not be applied before: 

  • 8am in residential areas  
  • 9am in the area around schools and similar properties 

Spraying is normally finished by: 

  • 4.30pm in residential areas 
  • 3.30pm in the area around schools and similar properties 

When spraying takes place, consideration is given to: 

  • nearby watercourses 
  • drains 
  • neighbouring properties 
  • other environmental factors 

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When weeds are sprayed 

Veolia operates a flexible system and monitors weather conditions. 

Treatments take place: 

  • first treatment – April to May 
  • second Treatment – July to August 
  • third treatment – October to November 

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For more information, please contact Veolia: 

020 8885 7700 


Page last updated:

February 15, 2023