Road and pavement winter gritting

Search our winter gritting map:

Search our winter gritting map

This gives information on: 

  • priority roads 
  • priority pavements 
  • frost patrols 
  • grit bin locations 

Detailed information on these services can be found in the Winter Service Plan (PDF, 2.6MB).  

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Grit bins 

Grit bins are placed on roads for the winter period which starts on 1 November. 

If you need to report a missing or empty grit bin, please contact the Veolia Haringey Contact centre

Suggest a new bin location 

Please contact us if you want to suggest a new grit bin location.  

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Where we grit 

We grit roads and pavements. 

There is a priority system for gritting during snow and ice conditions. This is to make sure key routes in Haringey stay open.   

Higher priority roads and pavements are treated first. Once these have been done, lower priority roads are gritted if there is capacity to do so. 

Road priority 

Search our winter gritting map or see the lists: 

Pavement priority 

Search our winter gritting map or see the lists: 

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When we grit 

Ourselves and Veolia Environmental Services receive Haringey-specific daily winter weather forecasts. 

This gives us predictions of when the following conditions might happen: 

  • frost 
  • freezing road temperatures 
  • snow  

We then make decisions about when to grit roads and pavements. 

There are 3 types of gritting operation. These are carried out at different times according to the forecast and actual weather conditions. 


Pre-treatment is gritting carried out before snowfall. The aim is to guard against the snow settling.  

We aim to complete pre-treatment of priority 1 roads and pavements by the time snow is forecast to start. 


Post-treatment gritting is carried out during or following snowfall.  

The aim is to: 

  • limit the amount of snow that settles 
  • reduce the likelihood of ice forming as the snow is compacted by traffic 

Frost patrols 

Frost patrols are carried out when near or sub-zero overnight temperatures are forecast which may result in the formation of frost or ice. 

They take place on roads and pavements based on the following criteria: 

  • roads with the steepest gradients, where frost or ice creates a high risk for road traffic 
  • roads with steep gradients that may ice over for longer periods due to a higher elevation or greater exposure 
  • heavily used pedestrian areas with the steepest gradients 
  • bridges and steps in exposed locations that are likely to ice over for longer 

See the frost patrol on our searchable map, or see the lists:

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Clearing snow and ice yourself 

Please see information on how to safely clear snow and ice (external link)

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Gritting requests 

For urgent or emergency gritting requests please contact: 

During normal office hours:  

Outside normal office hours:  

  • Haringey’s emergency switchboard 
  • 020 8489 0000 

We will respond as quickly as possible to support: 

  • emergency services 
  • vulnerable people at risk  

Other requests are actioned if: 


Veolia Haringey Contact Centre 

020 8885 7700 


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Page last updated:

November 23, 2022