Road Care and Maintenance

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Select the location of the problem and then select the correct category from the drop-down menu to report problems with carriageways, footways and street furniture including:

  • Potholes (where the surface of a road or footway has eroded and a hollow has formed)
  • Street Furniture defects (traffic bollards or sign poles knocked down or broken, sign plates hanging loose, fencing or pedestrian guard railing sticking out into the pavement or road)
  • Inspection cover missing or damaged
  • Drainage issues on the highway, or if a gully or drain cover is missing
  • Damaged or missing kerbs
  • Spillages on the highway

We require as much of the following information as possible to respond to your report:

  • Street name and area
  • Location on street, ie; is it near a house number or road junction?
  • Description and detail of the damage
  • Your name and a contact number and email address
  • Date and approximate time of damage
  • Persons or vehicle registration responsible for damage (if known)
  • Were the police in attendance?

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How do I report an emergency?

To report defects on the carriageway where there is immediate and serious danger to the public on the highway please call 0208 489 1335:

  • Monday - 9am to 5pm 
  • Tuesday - 9am to 5pm 
  • Wednesday - 10am to 5pm 
  • Thursday - 9am to 5pm 
  • Friday - 9am to 5pm 

and 0208 489 0000 outside of normal working hours.

Examples of such emergencies would be an oil spillage on the carriageway, a sink hole or a road traffic collision with street furniture making the footway or carriageway unsafe to use.

How do I report problems on a Private Street?

A private street is a street that has not been adopted by Haringey Council and is therefore not maintained by us. Unadopted streets generally do not meet the standard of adopted streets. The responsibility for private streets lies with the street owners, who are usually the people who live on the street, but could be a housing association.

See the private streets / road adoption page for more information.

What happens once I have submitted the report?

Emergencies will be inspected within 2 hours of being notified. All other defects will be inspected within 10 working days.

How long should it take?

Defects that are risk assessed as hazardous or serious will be prioritised. Hazardous defects will be made safe within 24 hours of being inspected, with a permanent repair following. Serious defects will be repaired within 7 days of being inspected. We will aim to repair other defects that are not serious or hazardous within 28 working days of inspection, but we do not have the resources to repair every defect within that timescale and so we will prioritise depending on the risk of the defect. Low risk defects will be categorised as low priority and may take significantly longer than 28 days to repair.

How will I be kept up to date?

We will contact you by email to let you know the result of the inspection and again when the repair has been completed.

Services we provide

For useful information about road care and maintenance, and for contact details, please use the following quick links:

Service Standards

Our team of Highways Inspectors carry out regular inspections of roads and footways for defects and hazards as well as responding to specific issues reported by members of the public.

A new reactive maintenance strategy has been introduced which reflects current national guidance on best practice. This strategy sets out a robust defect inspection, recording, and rectification regime for safety inspection to address faults that represent a risk to all road users. It defines the way in which defects are prioritised, in order to ensure the safety of the travelling public whilst minimising unnecessary “early stage” repairs to minor defects. Once a defect exceeds the investigatory levels, it is then risk assessed based on impact and probability, and this defines the risk factor and response time required. 

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Page last updated:

August 3, 2023