Public rights of way

What are Public Rights of Way?

The council is the highway authority for all highways within the borough (except for the Transport for London road network). Most of the highways are roads with pavements alongside, however a small but significant portion are other footpaths, alleys and lanes running between streets, or those that take people to important pieces of open land - paths to parks, greens or allotments. These paths are called public rights of way.

Public footpaths are for pedestrians only. Public bridleways are for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists. Public byways are pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists and motorised vehicles, subject to the character of the way.

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Can I check if a path is a public right of way?

Public rights of way are shown on a definitive map that is currently being produced by the council.

The council has confirmed an order for a network of Public Rights of Way for the east of the borough. These can be viewed on the map in the Attached Files section.

We are submitting orders for the Central and West areas to the Secretary of State, Department of Communities and Local Government for confirmation as amendments are proposed for the map and associated orders. Draft maps can also be viewed in the Attached Files section. Information about rights of way in the west or central areas of the borough can be provided at a cost of £15 per single request by writing to us at the address in the Contact Us section.

Public Consultation

As part of the legal process in preparing the map we informed and consulted all owners and occupiers of the land affected by footpaths included on the draft map as well as statutory consultees such as adjoining boroughs. Consultation results can be requested by contacting the Transport Planning team using details in the Contact Us section below.

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Register of Applications

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 section 53(5), the council is required to maintain a Register of Applications for modifications to public rights of way within the borough. The list below comprises all current applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement for existing Orders.

Ferry Lane Primary School:

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Contact us

Haringey Transportation Planning
6th Floor South
River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

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Attached files

Public Rights of Way Map - WestPDF 827.97 KB
Public Rights of Way Map - CentrePDF 887.47 KB
Public Rights of Way Map - EastPDF 900.7 KB
Public Rights of Way - Haringey mapPDF 6.77 MB

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