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Streets for People in Bounds Green

On 15 August 2022, we introduced a trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in Bounds Green to create a safer, cleaner and quieter neighbourhood as part of our Haringey Streets for People programme.

With traffic volumes increasing, yet car ownership in Haringey low and falling, we know that most congestion and pollution is caused by motor vehicles passing through our borough.

The scheme aims to reduce through traffic and road danger, improve air quality and make it safer and easier to walk, wheel, scoot, cycle and shop locally.

It will reclaim local streets for the community living there, making them once more welcoming, liveable spaces where people can meet, chat, socialise and where children can play.

Location of the traffic filters

We have installed 10 new traffic filters to stop motor traffic using this neighbourhood as a through route. A filter can be camera-enforced or a physical restriction, such as a bollard or planter. Camera enforcement enables emergency and waste vehicles to pass through. All homes and businesses remain accessible by motor vehicle although there may be fewer routes available.

Since the Cabinet decision to implement the Bounds Green LTN, we have continued to work closely with the emergency services on the design of the scheme. Following these discussions, we have made changes to 2 filters: both Queens Road and Passmore Gardens have been changed from a physical filter to camera enforced .

The new traffic filters will be introduced at the following locations:

Area A

  • Queen’s Road - a camera-enforced filter at the junction with Bounds Green Road.

Map of Bounds Green LTN Area A

Area B

  • Whittington Road a camera-enforced filter at the junction with Myddleton Road
  • Marlborough Road – a camera-enforced filter at the junction with Myddleton Road.
  • Palmerston Road – a camera-enforced filter at the junction of Myddleton Road
  • Nightingale Road – a camera-enforced filter at the junction with Clarence Road and Finsbury Road
  • Truro Road – a physical filter at the junction with Finsbury Road

Map of Bounds Green LTN Area B

Area C

  • Passmore Gardens – an emergency access filter at the junction with The Drive
  • Gordon Road – an emergency access filter at the junction with Bounds Green Road
  • Rhys Avenue – a physical filter at the junction with Durnsford Road
  • Blake Road – a camera-enforced diagonal filter at the junction with Churston Gardens and Lynton Gardens.

Map of Bounds Green LTN Area C

School streets and cycle hangars

A School Street with camera-enforced timed closure has been implemented on Trinity Road in Area A and Blake Road in Area C. We installed these earlier in 2022 as part of a phased rollout of the Bounds Green LTN to create a safe walk and cycle zone outside the schools at drop-off and pick-up times.

The following change will apply when the LTN is implemented:

  • Area C:  The School Street on Blake Road will be extended into Lynton Gardens

6 new cycle hangars have been provided allowing 36 bikes to be stored safely. These are located at:

  • Area A:  Maidstone Road and Queen’s Road
  • Area B:  Palmerston Road (junction with Myddleton Road), Palmerston Road (junction with Truro Road), Northbrook Road, Thorold Road

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Works to enable the changes

To meet the start date for the implementation of the scheme, we are:

  • installing cameras for traffic filters enforced by this method
  • removing some parking bays to create safe spaces for vehicles to turn around where the new filters will be located
  • temporarily suspending some parking bays to allow our contractor to carry out the works required

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Get in touch

The scheme will be introduced as a trial under an experimental traffic order (this can be in place for a maximum of 18 months) to see how it works in practice before any decision is taken on whether to amend, remove or make permanent the trial scheme. 

Like any new scheme, there is likely to be a settling-in period as drivers become aware of the changes. To discover more about Haringey Streets for People, how LTNs work and how we will monitor the impact of the scheme, visit the Streets for People page where you will also find responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

We want your views on how you feel the scheme is working and will be in touch in around 3 months once the scheme has settled in a bit to seek your views. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch please call our dedicated LTN line on 020 8489 4787. You can also email us at BoundsGreenLTN@Haringey.gov.uk.

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Following extensive engagement and research, the council has developed a Low Traffic Neighbourhood Exemptions Criteria and Application Process. This provides exemptions for: 

  1. emergency service vehicles 
  2. council refuse and cleaning vehicles 
  3. Blue Badge holders living within or on the immediate boundary of an LTN (one vehicle can be nominated which doesn’t need to be registered at the address of the Blue Badge holder) 
  4. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) transport 
  5. Haringey Council services and commissioned services transporting people with a disability and Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service 
  6. any other vehicles required for urgent safety matters with the permission of the Council 
  7. individual circumstance exemptions 

Exemptions for Blue Badge holders, urgent safety matters and individual circumstances will be subject to an application process.

The individual circumstance exemption is eligible to the following, subject to submission of appropriate evidence and justification:

  1. Person, or person with a child, with a condition that means sitting in a car or a re-routed journey causes overwhelming psychological distress
  2. Person, or person with a child, with a chronic health condition that makes sitting in a car very difficult
  3. A professional carer whose ability to transport a care recipient in a car or directly assist them with their care needs is significantly impaired by an LTN
  4. An organisation that solely transports people with accessibility or disability needs

Please note: There will be no general exemptions for other residents. This is because:

  • Low traffic neighbourhoods do not stop you from getting to and from your home by car. You can access your home without an exemption but may have to change the route you take. 
  • We want to make our neighbourhoods welcoming, liveable and inclusive spaces for all residents where it is safe and enjoyable to walk, cycle, and use buggies and wheelchairs. If all private vehicles were able to travel through camera-controlled filters, we would not see the benefits in terms of improved road safety and reduced noise and air pollution. 
  • By improving the walkability and cyclability of neighbourhoods we will be encouraging people to switch to active travel, especially for short trips. This will reduce the number of cars journeys and create safer, cleaner and quieter neighbourhoods.

Find out more about exemptions criteria and apply.

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February 15, 2023