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Low traffic neighbourhoods – give us your feedback

Over recent months, we have introduced 3 low traffic neighbourhood trials in Bounds Green, St Ann’s and Bruce Grove West Green as part of our Haringey Streets for People programme. These schemes aim to reduce through traffic and road danger, improve air quality and make it easier to walk, cycle and shop locally.

We're eager to hear what you have to say about the trials and have created 2 online community spaces for the St Ann’s and Bruce Grove West Green schemes to help us understand the views of the community. This follows a similar exercise for the Bounds Green low traffic neighbourhood trial.

You can also provide feedback by emailing one of the following:


Like any new traffic scheme, there is likely to be a settling-in period as drivers become aware of the changes. We will be closely monitoring the impact of the scheme and gathering data during the trials to understand how it is working.

Before each trial begins, we take ‘baseline’ data using automatic traffic counters. We also have cameras with smart technology (called Vivacity cameras) in place at several locations across the borough which provide continuous data on motor and cycle traffic, as well as some measuring pedestrian flows. 

We will repeat the counts at regular intervals throughout the trial period, and will collect data on air quality, crime rates, and impacts on emergency services and buses. For more information, visit our monitoring pages.    

This monitoring data, together with your feedback, will help inform the decision about the future of the scheme.

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Making an objection

The trials have been introduced under an experimental traffic order and can run for a maximum of 18 months. This process allows a period of 6 months from the date the scheme becomes operational to make an objection. To do so, please email traffic.orders@haringey.gov.uk giving your reasons.  

The deadline for objections on each of the schemes is:

  • Bounds Green – 15 February 2023
  • St Ann’s – 22 February 2023
  • Bruce Grove West Green – 1 May 2023 

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More information

For more information on all 3 schemes, as well as exemptions, visit our Haringey Streets for People pages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, call our dedicated low traffic neighbourhood phone line on 020 8489 4787, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Page last updated:

March 1, 2023