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Low traffic neighbourhood improvements from 4 September

We are introducing some improvements to our low traffic neighbourhood schemes. Find out more on the LTN improvements page.

In the past decade, cars have been taking over our neighbourhood roads, bringing with them greater noise, air pollution and road danger. The use of technology has directed traffic through local streets when before they would have remained on main roads.  

Yet 60% of Haringey households do not own a car. This means most of the traffic in our neighbourhoods is from vehicles which have not originated from or are destined for the borough.

We know residents want people-friendly neighbourhoods. We will reclaim local streets for the people living there, making them once more safe, welcoming and liveable spaces where people meet, chat, socialise and where children play.

The introduction of measures under our ambitious Haringey Streets for People project will cut road traffic and pollution, as well as improve the walkability and cyclability of the local area, creating active travel corridors between local amenities. 

This initiative will be a key driver towards a safer, cleaner, greener, fairer and happier borough.

What we are doing 

  • Following an extensive listening and engagement exercise, we are introducing people-friendly low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs). These schemes use filters, such as bollards or smart cameras, to stop traffic taking shortcuts along local roads, creating a safer, cleaner and quieter neighbourhood for the people living there.
  • To encourage active travel to and from school, we have already introduced 23 School Streets, with many more to follow.  
  • We are creating a network of inclusive strategic cycling routes which link up with low-traffic neighbourhoods, along with inviting walking routes between shops, schools, leisure destinations and green spaces.  
  • Find out how we will deliver on our ambition to become a green walking and cycling borough from our detailed and comprehensive Walking and Cycling Action Plan. This roadmap will play a key role in achieving a green recovery from the pandemic and creating a zero-carbon borough by 2041.  

To discover more about the Haringey Streets for People project, visit our Frequently asked questions page.

Visit the exemptions page to find out more about exemptions for low traffic neighbourhoods.

Visit the monitoring page to find out how we will monitor the Streets for People schemes.

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August 21, 2023