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PayByPhone is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for parking using your smartphone or mobile device. Over 230 local authorities in England have now brought in cashless parking to replace the traditional ‘pay and display’ ticket machines.

Instead of having to find the right change for a pay and display machine, you can simply use your mobile phone to pay. Drivers can telephone or text the location number of the chosen parking space. The location numbers are displayed on parking signs. An account needs to be set up first, but this only takes a few minutes and can be done in advance from home. The parking fee is charged to your credit or debit card.

You can also receive reminder texts when your parking session is about to end, and you can add more parking time (up to the maximum stay time limit) from wherever you are.

The benefits of using PayByPhone

  • Register once and you can use the service to pay for future parking sessions
  • There is no need to find change for parking machines
  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • Simple, secure payment - from the comfort and safety of your vehicle
  • For an extra 10p charge you can also get a text message telling you when your time is running out. If you don't want this service, you can opt out when you register
  • You can extend your parking without returning to your car

£15 capped charge for one-day parking

We want to encourage people to use active travel where possible, such as walking or cycling, but for those who must drive we are helping relieve the pressure on public transport and assisting visitors and businesses. For this reason, we have experimentally:

  • removed the maximum stay period from all our on-street pay by phone and shared-use parking bays.
  • introduced a daily charging cap of £15 for those who absolutely must drive and park all day.

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Map of our PayByPhone parking bays

You can view a map of all our PayByPhone bays below. You can use the search box to find a specific address in Haringey.


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Frequently asked questions

Who are PayByPhone?

PayByPhone Technologies are part of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Are there service charges when using PayByPhone?

Yes, a 20p service charge is added to the parking cost. Users need to be mindful of “extra charges” which may apply for text messages. If the default option is set to “opted in” for SMS reminders, these will result in a further 10p charge for Android phone users. Default option is set to no charge for iPhone users, and email reminders are free.

Where can I use PayByPhone to park?

PayByPhone is already widely available and will be available in all CPZs, Stop and Shop, and car parks across the borough in the coming months.

How to set up a PayByPhone account?

The easiest way to set-up an account is in advance online. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Register with PayByPhone (external link)

Do I need a smartphone to use PaybyPhone?

No, it is not necessary to have a smartphone to be able to use PaybyPhone but you will need a telephone number to act as your account reference. There are 5 different ways to use PaybyPhone:

  • Touch tone. Call to enter details using a telephone keypad.
  • Text. Send a text message to purchase a parking session.
  • Mobile web. Purchase a parking session online via your phone.
  • Internet. Purchase a parking session when online.
  • Mobile apps. Parking sessions can also be purchased via iPhone or Android apps (search for PaybyPhone in your App Store)

Do I need to return to my vehicle to top up a parking session?

No, unlike with Pay & Display machines, parking sessions can be topped up remotely by making a note of the location code where you have parked and using one of the above methods to extend your stay.

Is there a subscription or ‘joining’ fee for PaybyPhone?

No, there are no subscription fees but there are the service charges (see above).

Can I add more than one vehicle to my account?

Yes, you can. There is no limit on vehicle numbers. The PayByPhone system will default to either the last vehicle parked or the last vehicle added to the account. Care should always be taken to select the correct vehicle when purchasing a parking session.

Do I need to register with PayByPhone more than once?

No. You only need to register once with PayByPhone and then you can use it to park in any areas where it operates.

Where I can I find out more about PayByPhone parking?

You can find more information on the PaybyPhone website (external link)

Complaints about PayByPhone

If you have problems or difficulty using PayByPhone please visit the PaybyPhone website (external link) or you can email 

Can I still use cash? 

We are arranging for PayPoint-enabled shops to accept cash payments. Many drivers prefer to use cash to pay for parking or may not have a mobile phone or device. At PayPoint-enabled shops, motorists will be able to pay for parking as well having access to traditional services including paying bills, transferring money, topping up mobiles, and collect online shopping - all at a convenient nearby location.

Do I need a mobile phone or PayByPhone account to pay via PayPoint?

No. Paying for parking sessions at a PayPoint shop means you can still use cash to pay for your parking and you do not have to have a credit or debit card or access to a mobile phone. Unlike with Pay & Display machines, you can also use notes and receive change at a PayPoint shop.

Is there a service charge for paying for parking at a PayPoint shop?

No, there is no service charge when paying for parking in a PayPoint shop.

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Page last updated:

24 November 2020

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