About visitor parking vouchers

Visitor parking vouchers are online vouchers allowing your visitors to park in the controlled parking zone (CPZ) where you live.

If you live on an estate, visitor vouchers are free. Find out how to apply for estate visitor vouchers.

Who can buy visitor vouchers

You can buy visitor vouchers if you’re over 18 and live in a CPZ. 

Visitor voucher types 

You can buy daily or hourly visitor vouchers. Daily vouchers cover 1 calendar day.

Concessionary visitor vouchers 

You can buy discounted concessionary visitor vouchers if you're one of the following: 

  • 65 or older 
  • registered disabled 
  • a Blue Badge holder 

Number of vouchers per day  

You can only use 2 daily visitor vouchers at the same time. If you need more visitor parking, you can use hourly visitor vouchers.  

Where your visitor can park

Visitor vouchers can only be used in:

  • resident permit holder bay
  • resident permit holder shared-use bay (resident permit and pay-by-phone) 
  • permit holder bay
  • permit holder shared-use bay (permit holder and pay-by-phone)

The permit is not valid in pay-by-phone only bays. 

See what the parking bay signs look like.


Standard daily visitor vouchers are £4 and hourly are £0.88. 

Concessionary visitor vouchers are £2 and hourly are £0.41. 


We do not refund or exchange visitor vouchers. But you can deactivate a visitor voucher before it starts if you no longer need it. 

Guide to buying visitor vouchers

Further help

If you need help to apply, please contact Customer Services on 020 8489 1000.

Terms and conditions

Resident Visitor Voucher permit Terms and Conditions (PDF, 195KB)


Page last updated:

November 23, 2022