Business CPZ parking permit

A business parking permit lets you park in the controlled parking zone (CPZ) where your business is based. 


You must: 

  • run a business in a CPZ 
  • be able to show that parking your vehicle in the CPZ is needed for your business to run successfully – this doesn’t include using your vehicle to get to and from your business  

You may not get a permit if we don’t think it’s essential to the success of your business. 


See how much a permit costs

Where you can park 

You can only park within your CPZ in:  

  • business permit holders only bay
  • permit holder bay
  • permit holder shared-use bay (permit holder and pay-by-phone)

See what the parking bay signs look like.


Find out how to apply for a business CPZ permit

Terms and conditions 

Business CPZ specific permit Terms and Conditions (PDF, 193KB)

Page last updated:

November 15, 2022