Footway parking 

Roads with footway parking

There are 103 roads in Haringey that have various levels of footway parking (external link)

Footway parking restricts pedestrian access, particularly for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, people with visual impairments and families with young children.

We want to ensure our pavements are fully accessible for all pedestrians because of the impact it has upon our ageing population and those with reduced mobility.  We have listened to residents across the borough who have expressed concerns about the accessibility of our streets where pavement parking exists.

Footway parking may put people off using the pavements due to restricted footway widths, with the car doors opening onto the footway restricting the space even further. It can also be dangerous for pedestrians. 

Consultation on the removal of footway parking

The council plans to consult on the removal of footway parking in the borough. The 57 sites that do not form part of the existing CPZ consultation programme will be consulted on in 4 batches.

The consultations will start with the roads in batch 1. All locations will be consulted and the feedback carefully considered before a decision is made. 

Batch 1 

  • Crescent Road N22
  • Palace Gates Road N22
  • South Close N6
  • Coppetts Road N10 1JU
  • Springfield Avenue N10
  • Colney Hatch Lane N10 1AE
  • Hampstead Lane N6
  • Clarence Road N22
  • Muswell Hill Road N10 3HT
  • High Road N22 8JW
  • Gilson Place N10. 

Batch 2 

  • Acacia Avenue N17
  • Awlfield Road N17
  • Barkham Road N17
  • Brantwood Road N17
  • Devonshire Hill Lane N17
  • Henningham Road N17
  • Heybourne Road N17
  • Jellicoe Road N17
  • Laburnum Avenue N17
  • Lansdowne Road N17 0NU
  • Marshall Road N17
  • Flexmere Road N17
  • Northumberland Park N17
  • Oak Avenue N17
  • Warkworth Road N17
  • Weir Hall Road N17
  • Willoughby Lane N17
  • High Road  N17 8ER

Batch 3 

  • Clacton Road N17
  • Felixstowe Road N17
  • Hartham Road N17
  • Newlyn Road N17
  • Sperling Road N17
  • Saint Loys Road N17
  • De Quincey Road N17
  • Gedeney Road N17
  • Smithson Road N17
  • The Roundway N17
  • Norfolk Close N13
  • Croxford Gardens N22
  • James Gardens N22
  • Gospatrick Road N17
  • The Crossway N22
  • Thetford Close N13

Batch 4

  • Durnford Street N15
  • Gourley Place N15
  • Lockmead Road N15
  • Riverside Road N15
  • Boyton Close N8
  • Campsbourne Road N8
  • Albany Close N15
  • Ferme Park Road N8
  • Circular Road N17
  • Devon Close N17

The remaining 46 locations that fall within this year’s CPZ programme will have site specific consultations carried out.

Next steps

If you live in one of the roads with footway parking, we will contact you.

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Page last updated:

January 4, 2023

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