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Map of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in Haringey

The map below shows where controlled parking zones (CPZs) exist in Haringey.

The map can be slow to load at times - please allow some time if it is not displayed straightaway.

Use the search box to find a specific address, click and drag the map and/or use the zoom controls to find the area you need.

The interactive (pink) areas are CPZs - click on the map area to find the operating times and links for more information.

If you prefer you can use our CPZ lookup tool to see if a specific address in Haringey is in a CPZ or not instead.


Please note: If an area is not covered by a CPZ it does not necessarily mean you can park there. Always remember to check the on-road signs and markings for that area.

Find out if you live in a CPZ

Use our lookup tool below to see if a property in Haringey is in a CPZ. Start typing in an address or postcode and select the address from the list:

Find out if the address is in CPZ

CPZ search form

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October 26, 2022