Season tickets for car parks

You can buy a car park season ticket either by using the RingGo app or through our online parking system. 


Select the car park from the list to see the cost on RingGo. 

RingGo app 

To buy a season ticket on RingGo, select your car park from the list and follow the instructions. 

Online parking system 

You can buy a season ticket through our online parking system. 

What you need 

You must upload or post proof of vehicle ownership clearly showing your name. This can be either: 

  • a vehicle log book (V5C) 
  • a new keeper’s slip (V5C/2) plus a bill of sale (car receipt) on headed company paper 
  • confirmation of your vehicle registration details plus a bill of sale on headed company paper 
  • a lease agreement 
  • company car details from your employer on headed paper saying you're the only person who uses the vehicle 


  1. Log in (external link) or set up an online parking account. If registering for a new account, select ‘Resident’ as your ‘Customer Type’. If you already have an account with a different customer type, you must set up a new account as a resident.   
  2. Under ‘Permit applications available’ click ‘Apply’ next to the car park you want a season ticket for.   
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions.  
  4. Enter vehicle details and click ‘Get cost’. Click next.  
  5. Enter the date you want the permit to start.  
  6. Upload your documents or tick the ‘Will post’ box.  
  7. Pay for your permit. 

Renew your permit  

You’ll get an email 5 weeks before your permit ends asking you to renew your permit.   

To renew your permit:  

  1. Log in (external link) to your parking account.  
  2. Under ‘Permits’ click the ‘Renew’ button to the right of your car park permit.   
  3. Enter your vehicle details and upload your documents as you did when you applied. Leave the date as it is. Your new permit will start when your current permit expires.  

After applying or renewing 

After applying for or renewing your permit, you’ll get an email letting you know we’re processing your application.     

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for car parks.

Page last updated:

August 15, 2023