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About Information Station

Welcome to Information Station, Haringey's new community news project created as part of our response to COVID-19. If you care about getting through COVID-19 together, then this is the place for you.

Citizen journalists

Information Station is run by a group of citizen journalists. They are people who live or work in Haringey who give their time to report news stories and share the COVID-19 and lockdown experience of communities in the borough

They work together to:

  • make sure Haringey people have a voice
  • share local information on all things COVID-19 and lockdown
  • challenge myths and fake news
  • start informed debate about issues that matter to local people


Meet the team:


  • To get to know my community
  • Develop my journalism skills 


  • To get to know my local community and its concerns/ struggles and to get involved by providing the population of Haringey with local information and get to know all the local groups and initiatives.
  • To share and exchange ideas and to create a forward looking network.
  • To enhance and develop writing and journalistic skills so that I can find my writing voice. To gain confidence and technical skills as a writer/journalist. How to approach more sensitive topics. How to write objectively.
  • To expand communication skills including visual ones such as making short films and documentaries



    • To develop writing and photography skills 
    • Improve my English in a friendly group
    • Learn new skills such as filmmaking and journalism 


    • Offer support and information to people challenged by dementia
    • Personal development to be able to hold conversations with a range of people
    • Share my experience with others



    • Closer contact with my communities
    • Be a better me and become a journalist


    • I would like to build a network to help me resume my career
    • I hope to gain new skills that I can use in the future



    • Help my local communities 
    • Build a network to help me resume my career
    • Gain new skills I can use in the future


    • Supporting communities to help themselves
    • Building a local network
    • Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Haringey



    • To help people in the community and help myself through challenging misunderstanding and trust issues around Covid together

    Meet more citizen journalists soon...

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      April 19, 2022