Easy access to COVID-19 vaccination - Northumberland Park

About the programme

Easy access to COVID-19 vaccination - Northumberland park. For all residents aged 18+.In partnership with the NHS, we are offering easy access to COVID-19 vaccination for all residents of Northumberland Park aged 18 and above. 

Although the majority of adults who have been offered the COVID-19 vaccine in Northumberland Park have taken it, uptake in the area is still significantly lower than in other parts of Haringey. 

We want to help protect vulnerable communities from COVID-19, avoiding preventable serious illness, hospital admissions and deaths.

We hope that by offering easier access to COVID-19 vaccination, many more people will take the opportunity to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones and the community.

Everyone in Northumberland Park over 18 can get vaccinated.

You do not need to be registered with a GP or in permanent residence and your migration status does not affect this. We will not share any information with the Police or Home Office. 

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How the programme works

We want to make is as easy as possible for residents of Northumberland Park to access COVID-19 vaccination. 

Our engagement officers have been calling to households in the area, providing information and support to help everyone over 18 get vaccinated at a time and location that suits them. 

You will be given help booking appointments or directed to nearby walk-in clinics. 

You will be given the right vaccine for your age group. 

Please read all the information on this page carefully. You can call 020 8489 4431 if you need further assistance.

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Things to know before you go

If you have already had your first dose of the vaccine, you can book or manage your second appointment via one of the following options:

What to bring with you

  • Please bring your NHS number with you, if you have one. This will speed up the process.
  • Please bring a form of ID with you if possible - this is to make sure you are getting the right vaccine for your age group.
  • Please wear a face covering when attending any vaccination clinics and follow social distancing guidance if you have to wait.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms

Please do not get vaccinated if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. These are:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change in your sense of smell or taste

You can get a PCR test by:

  • ordering a kit to be sent to your home 
  • booking a free PCR test appointment online
  • going to a walk-in or drive-through test site
  • calling 119 for free

See more information on getting a free PCR test to check if you have COVID-19 (external link)

If you have symptoms, you and everyone you live with must immediately self-isolate.

Do not leave home until you get your test results, except to post a test kit or for a PCR test appointment.

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Where to get the COVID-19 vaccine

There are a number of ways for Northumberland Park residents to access COVID-19 vaccination as part of this programme, which is aimed to:

  • all residents of Northumberland Park and N17 area aged 18+
  • all residents of other areas aged 23+

Please note: Vaccination for those aged 18 - 22 is only available to residents of Northumberland Park and the N17 area. Please bring a form of ID with address details with you.

LocationDatesTime detailsDetails

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

748 High Road, London N17 0BX

  • Sunday 20 June
  • 10am - 6pm

Pfizer vaccine

Lordship Lane Vaccine Clinic
239 Lordship Lane
London N17 6AA
  • Tues 15 June
  • Weds 16 June
  • Thurs 17 June
  • 9am-12.30pm
  • 1.30pm-5pm

Pfizer vaccine

Appointment only.

Call 07584 182 581 to book

Somerset Gardens Pharmacy
4 Creighton Road
London N17 8NW
  • Sunday 20 June
  • 11am-4pm

Moderna vaccine


Somerset Gardens Pharmacy
4 Creighton Road
London N17 8NW
  • Weds 16 June
  • Thursday 17 June
  • Friday 18 June
  • Saturday 19 June

2nd AstraZeneca jabs for people aged 40+ who have had their first jab more than 8 weeks ago.

Walk-in. Just come along.

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Page last updated:

June 15, 2021