Message to partners from Zina Etheridge, Chief Executive Haringey Council

Zina Etheridge -  Chief Executive

These are difficult and uncertain times for all of us. I want to let you know what we are doing in the council to ensure that we support our resident’s health and wellbeing as effectively as possible. You will have seen the Government’s announcement yesterday that they would like as many people as possible to work from home and to avoid non-essential travel and unnecessary social contact. Our priority is to ensure that we continue to provide essential services to our residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Over the next couple of days, therefore, our staff members who are able to do so will start working from home. In other cases, we will be changing the ways we provide services - for instance, in some cases services which may have previously been provided face-to-face may be delivered by telephone or online. We will do this on a risk assessed approach where appropriate. There will undoubtedly be impacts on some areas of service provision - for instance, there may be a longer wait for some things, and we may have to stop doing some things which are not essential. We will aim to keep you up-to-date with any such changes.
Haringey is an amazing borough, and it is no surprise that people have come forward across the borough to offer help and support for those in the community in need. We are working with local voluntary sector organisations and the Bridge Renewal Trust, as well as existing networks of community support to try and ensure that vulnerable people receive the support they need, particularly if they are self-isolating, or just isolated. We will provide further information on this as soon as we can.
I know that many of you are already sharing the NHS messages about what people can do to help reduce the impact of Covid-19. Please do continue to share those messages - you can access them on our Covid-19 page or of course from the NHS.

Our schools remain open at the moment. I know that headteachers are currently holding a lot of the community’s anxiety at the moment and I know we all appreciate this.
Please do let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

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March 17, 2020