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Table: Cabinet Member images

Cllr Ejiofor

Joseph Ejiofor

Leader of the Council

Joseph Ejiofor - hi-res image (JPG, 5MB)

Joseph's profile

Kaushika Amin

Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Families

Kaushika Amin - hi-res image (JPG, 10MB)Kaushika's profile
Cllr Adje

Charles Adje

Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategic Regeneration

Charles Adje - hi-res image (JPG, 6MB)Charles' profile
Cllr Blake

Mark Blake

Cabinet Member for Communities

Mark Blake - hi-res image (JPG, 13.2MB)

Mark's profile

Gideon Bull

Cabinet Member for Local Investment and Economic Growth

Gideon Bull - hi-res image (JPG, 677KB)Gideon's profile

Seema Chandwani

Cabinet Member for Transformation and Public Realm Investment

Seema Chandwani - hi-res image (JPG, 1MB)Seema's profile

Kirsten Hearn

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Equalities and Leisure

Kirsten Hearn - hi-res image (JPG, 251KB)Kirsten's profile
Cllr Ibrahim

Emina Ibrahim

Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal

Emina Ibrahim - hi-res image (JPG, 382KB)Emina's profile

Sarah James

Cabinet Member for Adults and Health

Sarah James - hi-res image (JPG, 383KB)Sarah's profile

Matthew White

Cabinet Member for Planning and Corporate Services

Matthew White - hi-res image (JPG, 5MB)Matthew's profile

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