Cabinet Members' Images

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Table: Cabinet Member images

Cllr Ejiofor

Joseph Ejiofor

Leader of the Council

Joseph Ejiofor - hi-res image (JPG, 5MB)

Joseph's profile
Cllr Ibrahim

Emina Ibrahim

Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal and Deputy Leader of the Council

Emina Ibrahim - hi-res image (JPG, 382KB)

Emina's profile
Cllr Ahmet

Peray Ahmet

Cabinet Member for Adults and Health

Peray Ahmet - hi-res image (JPG, 8MB)

Peray's profile
Cllr Weston

Elin Weston

Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Families

Elin Weston - hi-res image (JPG, 11MB)

Elin's profile
Cllr Brabazon

Zena Brabazon

Cabinet Member for Civic Services

Zena Brabazon - hi-res image (JPG, 4MB)

Zena's profile
Cllr Blake

Mark Blake

Cabinet Member for Communities, Safety and Engagement

Mark Blake - hi-res image (JPG, 13.2MB)

Mark's profile
Cllr Tucker

Noah Tucker

Cabinet Member for Corporate Services and Insourcing

Image to followNoah's profile
Cllr Hearn

Kirsten Hearn

Cabinet Member for Environment

Image to follow

Kristen's profile
Cllr Berryman

Patrick Berryman

Cabinet Member for Finance

Patrick Berryman - hi-res image (JPG, 3MB)Patrick's profile
Cllr Adje

Charles Adje

Cabinet Member for Strategic Regeneration

Charles Adje - hi-res image (JPG, 6MB)

Charles' profile
Cllr Gunes

Makbule Gunes

Deputy Cabinet Member for Women and Equalities

Makbule Gunes - hi-res image (JPG, 333KB)Makbule's profile
Cllr Osamor

Ishmael Osamor

Deputy Cabinet Member for Broadwater Farm Resident Engagement

Ishmael Osamor - hi-res image(JPG, 4MB)

Ishmael's profile

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5 June 2018

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