Online contact survey

We’ve made changes to our contact pages and developed new online services that will help you get the answer you want quicker. This saves you time having to wait in a queue when calling our customer contact centre.

Please let us know what you think of these changes by completing our short survey below:

* = must be provided

for example 'buy a parking permit', 'ask about benefits', 'report a noise problem' etc...
2. Have you tried using our online services before?
3. Did you find the answer you were looking for today online?
4. Did you need to ring the council either during or after your online enquiry?
6. Can you help us with future surveys?
We are making a number of changes to our online services and would like to test these out with residents. We promise only to use the details you give for the purposes intended in accordance with our Data Protection and Privacy policies (no spamming we promise!)