Our Budget

This consultation is now closed - thank you to everyone who took part.

A Cabinet report is now being prepared and the results of the consultation will be published before the end of February 2019.

59% reduction

Haringey Council has seen a 59% real terms reduction in government funding since 2010.

Since 2010, central government grant funding to Haringey Council has reduced by £122m in real terms.

45 percent fewer staff 12 fewer buildings

Your council is much smaller now. We have 45% fewer staff and occupy 12 fewer buildings.

Our funding has been reduced for 9 years in a row against a background of rising demand, particularly for Adults’ and Children’s Services and services related to homelessness, including temporary accommodation. Across the country, local authorities are seeing a similar pattern.

This year, both adults’ and children’s budgets have overspent as a result. Our draft budget acknowledges this. When including new grants, additional council funding and writing off previous savings, the budget available to Adults Services will increase by £7.8m and Children’s by £7m. It is, however, unavoidable that these services also have to contribute to the council's overall budget reduction program, which is required to close the budget gap.

However, we recognise that making these commitments would increase the funding gap and put pressure on these and other services to identify greater budget reductions for 2019/20 and subsequent years.

We know we need to continue to make budget reductions in order to fulfil our responsibility to deliver a balanced budget but identifying and delivering budget reductions is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is how much your council was budgeted to spend in 2018/19 and how the money is allocated

Service areaAmount
Adult Social Services£83m
Schools and Children’s Services (includes Learning)£47.1m
Corporate Services and Libraries£30.7m
Environment and Neighbourhoods£27.7m
Public Health£17.6m
Borrowing costs and other council-wide costs£13m
Customer Service£7.4m
Regeneration, Planning and Development£3.8m
Total budget£250.1m

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Our guiding principles

The financial challenge set out above is significant, but we are committed to delivering budget reductions as fairly as possible and minimising the direct impact on our residents who need the most support. To help us do this we developed a set of guiding principles:

  • Identify where we are spending money on things that are not a stated priority
  • Identify commercial, income-generating or invest to-save options
  • Identify alternative ways of meeting people’s needs
  • Identify opportunities for contract efficiencies or changes to service levels
  • Continue to invest in early help or preventative services where they deliver a clear benefit
  • Understand where providing choice may be driving higher cost
  • Identify where we are using disproportionate resources for relatively small gain

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11 June 2019

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