Corporate Delivery Plan 2023/2024

The Corporate Delivery Plan 2023/2024 (CDP) sets out how we will go about building a fairer, greener borough between January 2023 and April 2024.

The plan is a vital part of delivering on the commitments set out in the Haringey Deal published in November 2022. We have committed to co-production and developing a different relationship with our residents and these principles run throughout the Corporate Delivery Plan. There are other measures we are taking to fulfil our Deal commitments including our focus on getting the basics right and developing a deeper understanding of our changing local communities.

The Delivery Plan includes:

  • the outcomes the council is working towards as an organisation
  • the activity planned to deliver these outcomes
  • how we will work to deliver them
  • the key delivery dates

The plan is organised around the following themes:

  1. Resident experience, participation and collaboration
  2. Responding to the climate emergency
  3. Children and young people
  4. Adults, health and welfare
  5. Homes for the future
  6. Safer borough
  7. Culturally Rich Borough
  8. Place and economy

Whilst the Corporate Delivery Plan doesn’t detail every element of the council’s work – particularly in some of our statutory functions – delivering it will be a shared project and we have committed to being transparent about our progress.

You can download the full Corporate Delivery Plan and a summary document here:

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May 25, 2023