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Residents Engagement Pledge

In the Haringey Borough Plan 2019-23 the council makes a pledge to Haringey residents. The purpose of the pledge to residents is to strengthen the relationship between residents and public services, and to build on the sense of community in the borough. We can only achieve the objectives set out in the Borough Plan if the council, local organisations, community groups and residents all work together for the benefit of everyone in Haringey.

We pledge to: 

  • Establish a Citizens’ Panel to develop a better understanding of resident perception, confidence and trust in public services. This will be made up of a representative sample of residents who want the opportunity to have their say about council services and life in the borough
  • Talk to those affected at the start of the process when looking at changing existing services or policies, and developing new ones, so people are able to inform what we do
  • Make it easier for people who want to play an active role to contribute to their communities
  • Run campaigns to promote civic pride, building on the strong sense of community, to promote positive behaviour where everyone looks after their neighbourhoods
  • Use the Citizens’ Panel to talk to residents in Tottenham and Wood Green where regeneration schemes are planned to track how they are feeling about the ways in which their local area is changing, and act on any concerns
  • Ensure that residents get the right information and advice the first time they ask and find it easy to get the help they need
  • Run the residents’ survey every two years to help understand what people’s priorities are, how the borough is changing over time, see where we are doing well and where we need to improve
  • For those receiving personal services from the council, we will ensure that all decisions about your care is taken with you directly involved
  • Ballot residents on estate regeneration proposals

You can read the Residents Engagement Pledge on pages 54-55 of the Borough Plan 2019-23 (PDF, 2MB)

Voluntary and Community Sector Pledge

In the Haringey Borough Plan 2019-23 the council makes a pledge to the local voluntary and community sector (VCS), which describes how we would like to work together to improve the lives of local residents. It builds on a strong and collaborative relationship that helps us work closely together.
The pledge outlines how the Council and the local VCS will:

  • Listen to residents and to each other
  • Use existing resources and bring external investment to the borough
  • Recognise and celebrate the independence and diversity of the VCS
  • Empower local residents to lead change in their communities
  • Jointly make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact in Haringey

You can read the Residents Engagement Pledge on pages 56-57 of the Borough Plan 2019-23 (PDF, 2MB).

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