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Wood Green Area Action Plan

Tottenham High Road Strategy

Haringey Council takes an approach to projects and interventions on Tottenham High Road that helps residents and businesses to develop skills and involvement in town centre activities in order to make the most of opportunities and feel greater ownership of the process of change in the High Road.

Since 2012, Haringey Council has taken a proactive approach to supporting improvements along Tottenham High Road, with a range of place-making, community and economic projects to support local communities and businesses. This is in direct response to feedback from local communities about the issues they are facing, and the opportunities they see along the High Road.

A Strategy for Tottenham High Road 2019-2029 guides the next stage of enhancements along the High Road. This includes an increased emphasis in joining up a diverse range of projects aimed at long term sustainable change in the area, which responds directly to the social and economic need.
The Strategy sets out how we will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Supporting Tottenham High Road’s town centres to thrive in a changeable economy, increasing the number of quality jobs for local people, and making it easier to do business in Tottenham, by promoting an affordable and sustainable mix of retail, office, civic and leisure uses (both day and evening) 
  2. Fostering strong, vibrant, diverse and culturally rich town centres by celebrating their uniqueness, diversity of communities and their heritage and culture 
  3. Providing accessible, quality spaces for people to come together through measures which promote:
    1. Healthier streets and neighbourhoods, tackling issues such as air quality
    2. Safer public spaces for everyone
    3. Streets and highways that are accessible for walking and cycling
    4. Town centres which are better accessed and served by digital (SMART) technology
  4. Promoting an approach which attracts inward investment and maximises Council, other public sector funding and private investment for the benefit of communities in Tottenham

Read the Strategy for Tottenham High Road (PDF, 3MB).

Tottenham Area Action Plan

Economic Development and Growth Strategy

Business Pledge

The Haringey Borough Plan 2019-23 makes a pledge to Haringey’s businesses to strengthen the working relationship between the council and local businesses as part of our vision for promoting local economic growth.

The Business Pledge outlines what the Council will do for business:

  • Develop a customer service offer for businesses, comparable to that offered to residents
  • Use public sector purchasing power to support local businesses and keep wealth within our community
  • Develop a stronger voice for local businesses in policy-making
  • Improve the delivery of public services to make the borough cleaner, greener and safer
  • Boost support for entrepreneurs and SME businesses in the borough

The Business Pledge also outlines how businesses can contribute to Haringey:

  • Work with the council, schools and skills providers to offer jobs and training, work experience and apprenticeships to local residents
  • Provide high quality jobs which pay at least the London Living Wage
  • Provide workplaces where employees are respected and feel safe
  • Work with the council to maintain compliance with legislation and regulation, seeking advice where necessary and developing best practice
  • Work with the council and other public services to broker solutions to operational problems that reflect the challenges of operating in a densely populated urban area
  • Take an active part in council policy-making, consultations and events
  • Support Haringey’s communities and investing in the wider social and economic life of the borough such as through volunteering
  • Ensure that workers are encouraged and able to exercise trade unions rights at work, and that Trades Unions are recognised, are able to organise and have access to the workplace
  • Sponsor council promoted social and community campaigns (e.g. health campaigns and supporting dementia-friendly and family-friendly shops and social spaces)
  • Engaging with council promoted festivals and other initiatives aimed at strengthening social cohesion, community safety and investment

You can read the Business Pledge on pages 58-59 of the Borough Plan 2019-23 (PDF, 2MB)

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