Housing strategies and policies

Housing strategies

Housing Strategy

Homelessness Strategy

Our vision is for Haringey to be a place where we all work together to prevent and resolve homelessness and rough sleeping.

The Homelessness Strategy sets out our broad strategic vision, objectives and the overarching principles that inform our approach to addressing homelessness in Haringey, as well as summarising the harms and costs to people and communities caused by homelessness and rough sleeping. Our commitment to preventing homelessness at an earlier stage applies equally to single vulnerable people who may be at risk of rough sleeping as it does to families.

The Homelessness Strategy sets out four ways in which the council intends to change the way it works:

  • Providing strategic leadership and building collaborative partnerships
  • Making prevention everyone’s responsibility
  • Commissioning more effectively to better meet local need
  • Delivering in and with our community

The strategy also identifies three key priorities for delivery:

  1. Intervening earlier to prevent homelessness
  2. Increasing the supply of accommodation available
  3. Meeting the needs of those already in temporary accommodation

Rough Sleeping Strategy

Our vision is for Haringey to be a place where we all work together to prevent and resolve homelessness and rough sleeping. 

In recognition of growing numbers of rough sleepers in Haringey, and the particular harms to people and communities that sleeping on our streets causes, we have developed this standalone Rough Sleeping Strategy to accompany the Homelessness Strategy. In this strategy, we identify three priorities that we think are essential if we are to effectively address rough sleeping in the borough.

Haringey Council’s overarching objectives are to continue to reduce rough sleeping and address the multiple harms it brings to individuals and communities through rapid intervention to offer a route off the street for all; to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of those affected; and to tackle street activity associated with rough sleeping.

Older People’s Housing Strategy

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Housing policies

Temporary Accommodation Placements Policy

Housing Allocations Policy

Estate Renewal Rehousing and Payments Policy

Broadwater Farm Rehousing and Payments Policy

Annual Lettings Plan

Housing Service Standards

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