Welcome Strategy

We have made a commitment to make our borough a welcoming place for everyone who wants to live and work here. Our vision is for a welcoming and inclusive borough where strong communities nurture all residents to live well and achieve their potential and where every resident, whatever their background, has what they need to attain and maintain a good quality of life.

The Welcome Strategy articulates our ambition to be an inclusive place for people from all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds, and establishes a framework to realise that ambition within a challenging financial and political context.


The Welcome Strategy focuses on achieving four objectives by addressing issues that have been identified as priorities for our communities:

Objective 1: Build cohesive communities where residents from all backgrounds get on well together

  • Priority 1: Tackling prejudice and discrimination
  • Priority 2: Fostering good relations between communities
  • Priority 3: Enabling participation in public life and civic activity

Objective 2: Develop and deliver welcoming services that treat everyone with dignity and respect

  • Priority 1: Responsive and accessible frontline public services
  • Priority 2: Accessible immigration advice and support
  • Priority 3: Access to services in the community including GPs, schools, libraries and community support

Objective 3: Enhance safety and security for migrant communities

  • Priority 1: Personal and community safety
  • Priority 2: Housing security and homelessness prevention
  • Priority 3: Tackling hate crime and violence against women and girls

Objective 4: Broaden economic opportunity for migrant communities

  • Priority 1: Prevention and relief of poverty and destitution
  • Priority 2: Access to good quality employment
  • Priority 3: Lifelong learning opportunities

Our aim in setting these objectives is to improve the quality of life for all, including migrant communities in Haringey, by addressing these four key areas which affect day to day life. We plan to work with partners to develop and deliver an action plan which will describe in detail the actions we propose to take, as a partnership, to meet these objectives. This action plan will be published by the end of 2020.

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There are six parts to our strategic approach to achieving these outcomes:


Welcome should be the spirit driving our approach to working with all residents, particularly vulnerable refugees and migrants, meaning that they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

Early Intervention

Partners will work with communities to address the root causes of prejudice, discrimination, and isolation at the earliest opportunity. We will also design and deliver public services that work holistically with residents in order to identify and address their needs as early as possible.


A strengths-based approach means recognising that our communities and residents have enormous strengths and are the experts in their own lives building on this expertise and these strengths so that they can be used to help us work collectively towards our objectives.

Tackling Inequalities

We will seek to address the issues that disproportionately impact on migrant communities’ quality of life. We will seek to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, and foster good relations among communities, taking steps to meet the needs of all residents equitably.


In certain circumstances it is necessary to take a safeguarding approach, and we will always ensure that we support the safeguarding needs of migrant residents.


We will use our public platform as a local authority to advocate for the rights and welfare of migrant communities.

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This strategy is not an end point. Rather, it is the next stage in a continuing conversation with migrant communities.

In this spirit, we make the following commitments:

Listening, Consultation, and Engagement

  1. To work with migrant communities to support migrant residents to settle and thrive in Haringey
  2. To listen to the voices of migrant communities and to make sure that they help shape our strategic decisions about policy and public services
  3. To ensure that we design and deliver public services with diverse communities in mind, consulting and engaging with communities as we plan and deliver public services

Co-production, Planning and Action

  1. To co-produce a Welcome Action Plan in 2020 that sets out in detail how the Council, partners, and communities will work together to achieve the objectives of the strategy
  2. To work with partners and to use our powers and resources to address social issues that we know disproportionately affect migrant residents. As a first step we will work towards ensuring assistance is available for people who need advice relating to immigration or who need to change their status
  3. To plan for and take action to mitigate the negative consequences of likely national developments, such as Brexit and changes to immigration policy

Policy and Partnership

  1. To embrace a welcome approach in all our policies, mitigating the impacts of policies hostile to migrants where we can and supporting migrant communities to access entitlements. Any organisation we continue to work with will be encouraged to share our position of welcome and support to migrants in Haringey
  2. To cooperate with the Home Office and other central government departments, where it concerns individuals, only where we have their explicit informed consent, within the existing legislative framework

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. To review our current practice in how we support migrant residents; to make improvements where necessary, desirable, or possible; and to work with our partners to improve services for migrant communities
  2. To monitor and evaluate our performance and progress in tackling inequalities that affect migrant residents and communities and to be transparent with what we find

You can download and read the full strategy, with more detail on our objectives, approach, commitments:

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    September 24, 2021