Borough Plan 2019-2023

Our Borough Plan priorities

The Borough Plan sets out our priorities for Haringey. These priorities were developed following significant engagement with residents and partners, including a large residents’ survey of 1,900 local people, two partner events, each bringing together over 100 local community organisations, businesses and public sector partners, a staff conference reaching 1,600 staff, and a wide range of smaller workshops and discussions.

The priorities set out are underpinned by evidence, a summary of which is published in our State of the Borough evidence pack.

The Borough Plan consists of a set of 20 outcomes, grouped under the five priorities, and measures of success for each of these outcomes, which were developed during the consultation phase, drawing on what residents and partners told us.

We received over 100 responses to our consultation, in addition to seeking feedback from a wide range of stakeholders through forums with the voluntary and community sector, businesses, partner organisations and through engagement on key priority issues including youth violence, adult social care and residents’ experience of services.

What we heard supported the priorities identified in the draft Plan.

  • The challenges around housing were a top priority
  • There was widespread concern expressed about the safety of our young people
  • People said that tackling poverty and inequality is key, and
  • We need to do more to support local businesses and strengthen the local economy from the ground up

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    Download the Borough Plan (2019-23)

    You can see the full vision and plans in the Borough Plan 2019-23 (PDF, 2MB).

    Borough Plan Year 2 Delivery Plans

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