Our Standards

In Haringey we are committed to delivering high standards of service provision that includes transparent and accessible governance. We are also committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct from our Councillors and Officers.

In this section you can find out about:

  • Overview and Scrutiny - a series of pages that looks at the role of scrutiny in Haringey. This includes the work of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which is responsible for the overall management of the scrutiny process at Haringey. The Overview and Scrutiny function acts as a check and a balance on the Council’s executive body (The Cabinet), and holds them to account for their decisions. Scrutiny Committees can call-in a decision that has been made by the Cabinet but not yet implemented. This enables them to consider whether the decision is appropriate. They may recommend that the Cabinet reconsiders the decision
  • Ethical Governance - a page that outlines the standards of conduct that you should expect from our elected Members and officers. On this page you can also find out how to report a complaint about either a Councillor’s or officer’s conduct.
  • Standards Committee - a page that outlines the work of this committee which seeks to implement, update and monitor the Code of Conduct for Members and determines any allegations that a member has failed to comply with the code.

Local Code of Corporate Governance - exists as part of the Local Authority’s governance framework. The CIPFA/SOLACE framework, “Delivering Good Governance in Local Government” (2007) established principles and standards to assist Local Authorities to develop and maintain their codes of governance and discharge their accountability for the proper conduct of business. To ensure that their guidance remained fit for purposes, CIPFA/SOLACE issued an Addendum to the Guidance in December 2012.

The framework places significant emphasis on six core principles of good governance. These principles have been taken from ‘The Good Governance Standard for Public Services’ (2004) developed by the Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services with support from the Office Public Management and CIPFA. The principles have been adapted to local government purposes for the framework and are included in the Haringey Code of Corporate Governance.

The Council adopted the Local Code of Corporate Governance at its Full Council meeting on 15 July 2013 on recommendation referral from its Cabinet on 9 July 2013. The full report can be found in the minutes of the Cabinet meeting on 9 July 2013, and minutes of the Full Council meeting on 15 July 2013.

The six core principles of good governance are:

  • Focusing on the purpose of the authority and on outcomes for the community and creating and implementing a vision for the local area
  • Members and Officers working together to achieve a common purpose with clearly defined functions and roles
  • Promoting values for the authority and demonstrating the values of good governance through upholding high standards of conduct and behaviour
  • Taking informed and transparent decisions which are subject to effective scrutiny and managing risk
  • Developing the capacity and capability of members and officers to be effective
  • Engaging with local people and other stakeholders to ensure robust public accountability

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February 8, 2023

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