Deputations - speaking at council meetings

What is a deputation/requisition?

Deputations are a way of lobbying the council to let them know about a concern you have that is shared with people who you live or work near to.

A number of people (deputation) can send in a requisition (written request) to the council together with a written statement saying what their deputation is about. If the request is agreed they will be invited to the meeting and have the opportunity to speak directly to the Members of the council.

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How to send a requisition

If you wish to send a requisition to the council, it must be signed by 10 or more residents of the borough. It should be sent to the Democratic Services Manager, George Meehan House, 294 High Road, Wood Green, London N22 8JZ. The requisition must be received by 10am on a day that will leave at least 3 clear days before the meeting - eg Monday for a meeting on the Friday.

A written statement saying what the deputation is about (statement of purpose) must also be sent with the requisition. This must be about a local government matter about Haringey Council.

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Decision making process

The Mayor will decide, when the deputation is received, whether or not to accept the deputation and whether or not to refer it to an appropriate committee, sub-committee, or other body.

A deputation will not, normally, be received if a similar deputation has been received by any council body within the last 6 months.

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Referring the deputation to another council body

If the Mayor decides to refer the deputation to another body, the Mayor will announce this at the next available meeting of the council without debate. If the Mayor decides that a deputation is not accepted, this will be reported to the Council for noting.

Deputations will usually be referred to the appropriate decision making body and will normally only be heard at a Full Council meeting when the issue is already on the agenda, having been referred there by the decision-making body.

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Guidance about deputations

A deputation must not be more than 6 people. Only 1 member of the deputation may speak at the council meeting but any member of the deputation may reply to questions from Council Members.

The total time allowed to a deputation is no more than 5 minutes to address the council and 5 minutes for questions from Members, unless the meeting approves another time limit.

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Children and Young Persons

If the deputation is submitted mainly by children or young persons below 18, the Head of Local Democracy and Member Services will nominate an officer to help. The decision making process will then be followed.

For further information please email

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Page last updated:

January 3, 2023

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