Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone

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In September 2009 Muswell Hill was selected by the Mayor of London to become a Low Carbon Zone

This three year partnership project was designed to test ways of reducing CO2 emissions in the area.

The Zone covered around 1,000 buildings - including homes, businesses and community buildings, on the southern side of Muswell Hill.

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Find out more about the Low Carbon Zone project below:

Community Involvement

The Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone was delivered through a partnership between Haringey Council, the local community and other organisations, including:

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A steering group formed of members of the local community and Haringey Council was set up to help run the project, and community consultation was carried out at the launch of the Low Carbon Zone.

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An impressive range of projects were carried out to reduce CO2 emissions in the Zone

These include:

  • The Green Home Makeover - a free home energy assessment providing energy saving advice and subsidised energy saving measures
  • One-to-one support from Green Light North London to help local traders green their business, cut energy use and reduce their costs.
  • The Low Carbon Loan - helping homeowners install larger energy saving measures such as double glazing, insulation and solar panels. Learn more about loans to cover the cost of improvements to reduce your energy bills and keep your home warm on the Haringey 40:20 website - Offers and Grants (external link)
  • Electric car charging points in the Summerland Grange car park, cycle-hoops on Muswell Hill Broadway and new Zipcar (external Link) car-club parking bays
  • Creation of a social enterprise: To develop and deliver community-owned renewable energy by EN10ERGY
  • Solar panels installed on the roof of Rhodes Avenue Primary School, Alexandra Park and Fortismere Secondary Schools
  • Retrofit of community buildings, including low energy lighting installed at the Muswell Hill Library and more efficient heating at the Muswell Hill Community Centre
  • An LED light-bulb exchange, giving residents and businesses the opportunity to swap high energy using halogen bulbs for low energy LEDs
  • A zero-carbon cabin, the LivingArk, built at Muswell Hill Primary School
  • Community-led engagement, including events and a local newsletter 'In the Zone' promoting sustainable lifestyle choices to residents and businesses

To find out more about these projects please download and view the Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone - Mid-project Report

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Mid-Project Report

In May 2011 a mid-project report for the Low Carbon Zone was produced. This report highlights the important role of local sustainability groups and volunteers in the project and sets out some of the carbon savings achieved and key learning points so far.

"The project had a community feel.... inspiring and most welcome." - Low Carbon Zone Resident

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Evaluation and Next Steps

The knowledge and experience gained through the Low Carbon Zone will be used more widely within both Haringey and Greater London. A borough-wide carbon reduction plan, building on the success of the Low Carbon Zone has recently been launched. Visit the Haringey 40:20 website - Our vision for Haringey (external link) to find out more.

You can download and view a timeline showing some of the Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone - Achievements Timeline

This Summary Report, published by the GLA, provides an overview of the results of the 10 London Low Carbon Zones: GLA Low Carbon Zones summary report (PDF, 851KB)

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Further Information

For further information please contact the Carbon Management and Sustainability team at Haringey Council:

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