Draft Gambling Policy 2022-2025 consultation

  • This consultation closed on 6 September 2021 - thank you to everyone who took part

What happens next

The consultation results have been gathered and analysed.

The outcome was captured in a report that was taken to Cabinet on 6 October and then onto Full Council for adoption in November 2021.

A new policy for 2022-25 has been produced - see the Statement of gambling policy page for details.

What we consulted on

The Gambling Act 2005 requires Licensing Authorities to produce a Statement of Gambling Policy every 3 years.

The draft policy sets out the principles by which Haringey Borough as a Licensing Authority will discharge its functions under the Act.

The main changes to the policy are as follows:

  • Section 1: updates introduction to the document | address updated
  • Section 2: consultation section updated 
  • Sections 3 and 10: objectives section updated
  • Sections 8-9: gambling prevalence information
  • Section 17: location/local area risk assessments
  • Supplementary document: graphs and background information on local area profile across the borough
  • Moral objections: we cannot take into account comments based on a dislike of gambling, or a general view that it is undesirable to allow gambling premises in the borough
  • Demand: we cannot take into account issues around the demand or need for gambling premises in the borough

What is the Statement of Gambling Policy?

The Statement of Gambling Policy 2022-2025 provides guidance and sets out Haringey’s expectations as to how gambling premises will be managed and regulated in the borough.

The new 3 year Policy has taken effect in January 2022 - you can find out more and read the policy on our Statement of gambling policy page.

The Gambling Policy covers:

  • Issuing premises licenses
  • Regulating gambling premises activities 
  • Receipt and endorsement of Temporary or Occasional Use Notices for infrequent betting and gaming 

The way gambling is regulated in the United Kingdom is changing due to the use of local area profiles in the determination process. Betting operators need to complete risk assessments to identify risks and set out how they aim to address them. This has enabled the Council to use the area profiles in considering applications for new gambling premises to ensure that prospective operators have demonstrated that they understand and are mitigating against gambling-related harm.

We want this policy document to:

  • provide applicants with a clear, consistent basis for submitting applications and notices in Haringey
  • provide a clear, consistent basis for determining licence applications
  • ensure the relevant views of those affected by licensed premises are taken into consideration
  • ensure local area issues are taken into account by licensed premises
  • support wider strategies of the Council and the approach to gambling in Haringey

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