Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024 Consultation

  • The consultation is now closed - thank you to everyone who took part

The consultation ran for nine weeks, from 28 May to 30 July 2019.

Consultation results

Consultation on the draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP)

Our proposed plan outlines the actions that we will take to improve air quality in Haringey between 2019-2024. Schedule 11 of the Environment Act 1995 requires us to consider any representations made in accordance with the consultation. Therefore, statutory and public consultation was carried out between 28 May and 30 July 2019.

Copies of the draft Action Plan can be found in the What we consulted on section below.

Responses to the AQAP consultation

Responses to the Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024 consultation are available here:

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What we consulted on

The draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP)

Air pollution is a real issue that is having serious impacts on our health. It is associated with several adverse health impacts and it is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease and cancer. Additionally, air pollution particularly affects the most vulnerable in society: children and older people, and those with heart and lung conditions. There is also often a strong correlation with equalities issues, because areas with poor air quality are often less affluent areas.

The draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been produced as part of the London Local Air Quality Management System, a statutory process by which boroughs monitor, assess and take actions to tackle pollution. The plan outlines the actions that will be taken to improve air quality in Haringey between 2019-2024, under the following seven broad topics:

  1. Monitoring and other core statutory duties
  2. Missions from developments and buildings
  3. Public health and awareness raising
  4. Delivery servicing and freight
  5. Borough fleet actions
  6. Localised solutions which seek to improve the environment of neighbourhoods through a combination of measures
  7. Leaner transport

However, we need to ensure that these actions meet the needs of those who live, work, attend schools and play in Haringey - this is why we consulted with you.

Copies of the draft Action Plan can be found below:

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Further details

This proposed Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) replaces the previous action plan which ran from 2010-2018.

Read about previous actions taken to tackle air pollution on our Pollution Control - Local Air Quality page.

The council has also developed a number of projects to raise awareness about air quality issues and affect wider air quality improvements. You can read more about these and other projects in the pipeline on our Smarter Travel page and our Local Air Quality page.

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January 19, 2022

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