Where to vote

The location details of our polling places are updated before every election.

This means that the location information below was correct for the last election held in Haringey, but may not yet be correct for any forthcoming election.

Polling stations/places

  • All polling places are open from 7am to 10pm on election day
  • Polling places are in close vicinity to elector’s homes, usually located in public buildings like schools or local halls
  • Postal voters can drop off their postal vote at their local polling place on polling day if they haven’t already posted it
  • All voters will have to show an approved form of photo identification (ID) before voting in a polling station for elections held on or after Thursday 4 May 2023. Please see our Voter ID page for further Information.
  • George Meehan House and the Haringey Civic Centre are not polling stations

List of polling places

Important note: the polling station nearest to you is not always the one you are supposed to use.

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Election enquiries

For further help or information, please contact us on:

Alternatively, you can write to the Electoral Registration team at:

  • The Electoral Registration Office, George Meehan House, Wood Green N22 8YX

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Page last updated:

March 10, 2023