Northumberland Park 2018 Local Election

Below are the 2018 election results for the Northumberland Park ward of Haringey.

Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected?
AMIN KaushikaLabour Party2,098Yes
BEVAN JohnLabour Party2,188Yes
CARTER Clive DavidLiberal Democrats147 
DARKO Emily SarahGreen Party156 
EDWARDS Alcuin InsullGreen Party149 
FRY Joanne LouiseGreen Party170 
HALEY BrianLiberal Democrats107 
MORTIMER ValerieLiberal Democrats110 
OSTROWSKI EvaConservative Party162 
PEACOCK SheilaLabour Party2,036Yes
POLENCEUSZ JanusEnglish Democrats - Putting England First46 
ROSSINI MassimoConservative Party166 
SPENCER MaxEnglish Democrats - Putting England First41 
YAZGILI BaranConservative Party173 

Number of rejected papers: 7
Turnout: 2,793
Percentage turnout: 29.98%

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November 30, 2021