Local Elections 2018 - Elected Representatives

Below is a list of winning candidates from the May 2018 local elections in Haringey:

Table: Local Elections 2018 - Elected representatives

Ward and candidate's namePartyVotes
DA COSTA NickLiberal Democrats2028
DIXON JoshLiberal Democrats1918
ROSSETTI AlessandraLiberal Democrats1987
Bounds Green
BERRYMAN PatLabour Party2289
CHIRIYANKANDATH JamesLabour Party2126
SAY YvonneLabour Party2188
Bruce Grove
EJIOFOR JosephLabour Party1988
OPOKU FeliciaLabour Party2031
WHITE MatthewLabour Party1949
Crouch End
BARNES DawnLiberal Democrats2200
CAWLEY-HARRISON LukeLiberal Democrats2101
PALMER TammyLiberal Democrats1920
Fortis Green
CHENOT SakinaLiberal Democrats1989
HINCHCLIFFE Justin DavidLiberal Democrats1939
ROSS VivLiberal Democrats2078
ADAMOU GinaLabour Party2144
BRABAZON ZenaLabour Party1989
JAMES SarahLabour Party2007
DENNISON PaulLiberal Democrats1844
HARE BobLiberal Democrats1951
MORRIS LizLiberal Democrats2041
CARLIN DanaLabour Party2447
JOGEE AdamLabour Party2451
WESTON ElinLabour Party2304
Muswell Hill
CONNOR PippaLiberal Democrats2130
EMERY ScottLiberal Democrats1956
OGIEHOR JuliaLiberal Democrats1944
Noel Park
AHMET PerayLabour Party1938
IBRAHIM EmineLabour Party1906
MOYEED KhaledLabour Party1765
Northumberland Park
AMIN KaushikaLabour Party2098
BEVAN JohnLabour Party2188
PEACOCK SheilaLabour Party2036
Seven Sisters
BASU DhirenLabour Party2225
BLAKE BarbaraLabour Party2306
DOGAN ErdalLabour Party2121
St Ann's
DAVIES JulieLabour Party2042
HAKATA MikeLabour Party1756
TUCKER NoahLabour Party1752
Stroud Green
CULVERWELL EldridgeLabour Party2378
HEARN KirstenLabour Party2431
STONE DanielLabour Party2126
Tottenham Green
DIAKIDES IsidorosLabour Party2432
GUNES MakbuleLabour Party2342
TABOIS PrestonLabour Party2306
Tottenham Hale
CARROLL VincentLabour Party2472
GORDON RuthLabour Party2605
RICE RegLabour Party2347
West Green
DEMIR MahirLabour Party2077
OSAMOR IshmaelLabour Party1899
WILLIAMS SarahLabour Party2072
White Hart Lane
ADJE CharlesLabour Party2094
BULL GideonLabour Party2074
STENNETT AnneLabour Party1981
BLAKE MarkLabour Party2106
DAS NEVES LuciaLabour Party2057
MITCHELL PeterLabour Party2122

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