General Election 2019

12 December 2019

Below are the results for the two Haringey constituencies:

Hornsey and Wood Green

Table: Hornsey and Wood Green results

Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected?
BARNES, DawnLiberal Democrats - to Stop Brexit15,884 
CORRIGAN, Daniel JohnBrexit Party763 
FRANCIS, JarelleGreen Party2,192 
MCGUINNESS, EdConservative Party6,829 
SPIBY-VANN, HelenChristian Peoples Alliance211 
WAKIE, Salah El-DinIndependent100 
WEST, Catherine ElizabethLabour Party35,126Yes

Number of rejected papers: 197
Turnout: 61,105 (74.7%)


Table: Tottenham results

Name of CandidatePartyVotesElected?
BENCE, Andrew CharlesSocial Democratic Party91 
CHAN, EmmaGreen Party1,873 
LAMMY, DavidLabour Party35,621Yes
NEWHALL, James AinsleyConservative Party5,446 
PALMER, Tammy CatherineLiberal Democrats - to Stop Brexit3,168 
SILBERMAN, JonathanCommunist League42 
SWEENEY, FrankWorkers' Revolutionary Party88 
TURAY, Abdul HamidBrexit Party527 

Number of rejected papers: 204
Turnout: 46,856 (61.9%)

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