General Election 2005

Haringey constituency results for the General Election 2005

Hornsey and Wood Green

Table: Hornsey and Wood Green results

Liberal DemocratLynne Featherstone20,51243.3
LabourBarbara Roche18,11738.3
ConservativePeter Forrest6,01412.7
GreenJayne Forbes2,3775.0
UKIPRoy Freshwater3100.7

Majority: 2,395 (5.1%)
Turnout: 47,330 (61.8%)
Result: Liberal Democrat gain from Labour (swing 14.6%)


Table: Tottenham results

LabourDavid Lammy18,34357.9
Liberal DemocratWayne Hoban5,30916.8
ConservativeWilliam MacDougall4,27813.5
RespectJanet Alder2,0146.4
GreenPete McAskie1,4574.6
Socialist LabourJammit Durrani2630.8

Majority: 13,034 (41.1%)
Turnout: 31,664 (47.8%)
Result: Labour hold

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