Mayors of Haringey

Table: List of former Mayors of Haringey

1964-65Alderman Mrs. Joyce Butler MP(Chairman of the Council). Labour MP, Wood Green
1965-66Councillor Victor ButlerLabour, Park
1966-67Alderman Annie RemingtonLabour
1967-68Alderman Victor GellayLabour
1968-69Councillor Harry WormsConservative, Highgate
1969-70Alderman Ernest JonesConservative
1970-71Alderman Cyril MurrayConservative
1971-72Councillor Brenda RemingtonLabour, High Cross
1972-73Councillor Douglas ClarkLabour, Tottenham Central
1973-74Councillor Sheila Berkery-SmithLabour, South Tottenham
1974-75Councillor Frederick A. KnightLabour, Seven Sisters
1975-76Councillor Daisy Cunningham JPLabour, Coleraine
1976-77Councillor Vic ButlerLabour, Park
1977-78Councillor Victor GarwoodLabour, Coleraine
1978-79Councillor Les CollisLabour, Seven Sisters
1979-80Councillor Fred NeunerLabour, Bowes Park
1980-81Councillor Eileen GarwoodLabour, Park
1981-82Councillor Colin WareLabour, White Hart Lane
1982-83Councillor Brian BullardLabour, Hornsey
1983-84Councillor Iris WoodgerLabour, Tottenham Central
1984-85Councillor Viv FenwickLabour, Hornsey Vale
1985-86Councillor Jim GardnerLabour, Woodside
1986-87Councillor Andreas MikkidesLabour, Green Lanes
1988-88Councillor Andreas MikkidesLabour, Green Lanes
1988-89Councillor Vernon KingLabour, Seven Sisters
1989-90Councillor Fred KnightLabour, Seven Sisters
1990-91Councillor Mary NeunerLabour, Alexandra
1991-92Councillor Fred KnightLabour, Seven Sisters
1992-93Councillor Reg RiceLabour, Coleraine
1993-94Councillor Reg RiceLabour, Coleraine
1994-95Councillor Erline PrescottLabour, West Green
1995-96Councillor Alan DobbieLabour, Noel Park
1996-97Councillor Ron BlanchardLabour, Harringay
1997-98Councillor Dhiren BasuLabour, Seven Sisters
1998-99Councillor Sheila PeacockLabour, Park
1999-2000Councillor Maureen DewarLabour, Coleraine
2000-01Councillor Herbie BrownLabour, Bruce Grove
2001-02Councillor Mary NeunerLabour, Alexandra
2002-03Councillor Vivienne ManheimLabour, Bounds Green
2003-04Councillor Erline PrescottLabour, West Green
2004-05Councillor Sheila PeacockLabour, Northumberland Park
2005-06Councillor Eddie GriffithLabour, West Green
2006-07Councillor Gina AdamouLabour, Harringay
2007-08Councillor Sheik ThompsonLabour, Tottenham Hale
2008-09Councillor Alan DobbieLabour, Noel Park
2009-10Councillor Bernice VanierLabour, Tottenham Green
2010-11Councillor Eddie GriffithLabour, West Green
2011-12Councillor Gina AdamouLabour, Harringay
2012-13Councillor David BrowneLabour, St Ann's
2013-14Councillor Sheila PeacockLabour, Northumberland Park
2014-15Councillor Kaushika AminLabour, Northumberland Park
2015-16Councillor Jennifer MannLabour, Hornsey
2016-17Councillor Ali Gul OzbekLabour, St Ann's
2017-18Councillor Stephen MannLabour, Noel Park
2018-19Councillor Gina AdamouLabour, Harringay
2019-20Councillor Sheila PeacockLabour, Northumberland Park
2020-21Councillor Adam JogeeLabour, Hornsey
2021-22Councillor Adam Jogee Labour, Hornsey 
2022-23Councillor Gina AdamouLabour, Harringay
2023-24Councillor Lester BuxtonLabour, Crouch End 

For a list of current councillors please see Your councillors.

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