Haringey Council Employment Profile

The Haringey Council Employment Profile gives an overview of the organisation’s workforce every quarter, covering the various diversity strands such as disability, gender, ethnicity and age. It provides detail of recruitment, promotions and leavers during each period.

The profile helps us to understand trends and to practice, review and implement policy where necessary. It also contributes towards our understanding of the impact of people management practices on employees and enables the council to fulfil its obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

You can download copies of recent Haringey Council Employment Profiles below.

Corporate Equality Profile - June 2018PDF126KB
Corporate Equality Profile - December 2017PDF71KB
Corporate Equality Profile - September 2017PDF75KB
Corporate Equality Profile - June 2017PDF74KB
Corporate Equality Profile - March 2017PDF104KB
Corporate Employee Profile - June 2016PDF69KB
Corporate Employee Profile - March 2016PDF69KB
Corporate Employee Profile - December 2015PDF107KB
Corporate Employee Profile - September 2015PDF113KB
Corporate Employee Profile - June 2015PDF107KB
Corporate Employee Profile - March 2015PDF91KB
Corporate Employee Profile - December 2014PDF106KB
Corporate Employee Profile - June 2014PDF69KB
Corporate Employee Profile - March 2014PDF69KB
Corporate Employee Profile - December 2013PDF73KB
Corporate Employee Profile - June 2012PDF2MB
Corporate Employee Profile - June 2011PDF517KB

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4 July 2018

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