Ducketts Common

Green Lanes/Turnpike Lane, N4

Green Flag Award Winner since 2014

If you travel along Green Lanes in Haringey or use the Tube and bus station at Turnpike Lane it is difficult to imagine that little over 150 years ago you would have been in the middle of a large farm that extended from Hornsey to Tottenham. Ducketts Common is the green space that remains of that rural landscape.

The present Common is very different from what existed even just over a hundred years ago. It remains a welcome area of green space in the heart of Haringey and affords much pleasure to those who use it for children's play, physical activities or simply as a place to relax on a summer's day

The Common has always been a popular cut-through to the Turnpike Lane Tube, Wood Green shops and the bus station.

For more information on the history of Ducketts Common, visit the Friends of Ducketts Common website (external link).

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Ducketts Common Master Planning

Groundwork London consulted locally and with the Friends Group produced a draft Master plan for improvements to the Common.

Within the plan are improvements to paths and entrances, the creation of a plaza to encourage people to stay and relax, an extension to the playground, resurfacing of the basketball courts, a new outdoor gym and new shrub and plant beds.

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Community Action Plan

In 2013 Groundwork London worked with community groups to devise a Community Action Plan (CAP) - (PDF, 424KB) for the park.

Where local people want to get involved in helping look after their local open space, the CAP offers a way to facilitate this happening.

CAPs are relatively simple plans of the park, drawn up by Groundwork London’s landscape architects. They identify the key features of the park including the layout, the plants, trees and other vegetation, play areas as well as paths and entrances.

The CAP produced for Ducketts Common includes images of which plants are in the park, details of weeds which may emerge and images to help identify them and a timeline over the year, showing which tasks need to be done when for upkeep of the park. To supplement the CAP and help make it useable by volunteers, a series of associated 'Project Sheets' has been developed. These detail different activities that volunteers can get involved with in the park to help maintain it and keep it looking its best. The project sheets aim to support volunteering and demonstrate how all levels of involvement (from basic tasks to more complicated ones) are highly valuable in terms of the quality of the open space.

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Playground improvements

Courtesy of £75,000 funding (£50,000 from HM Govt. Playbuilder programme, £24,000 from Marks & Spencer, £1,000 from the Woodland Trust) the Playground has been extended with new kit and landscaped, and is proving a very popular attraction.

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Ball Court Area improvements

The Friends Group and one local resident in particular with designers Groundwork London and Haringey Council raised £250,000 for this phase of the Master Plan, all of which has been sourced from outside the Council. Funders included the London Marathon Trust, Big Lottery Community Spaces, the London Mayor's 2012 Legacy Plan and Sport England's Places People Play.

Converted to basketball some years ago from rarely used tennis courts the whole area was worn out, and had surface damage from tree roots and depressions caused by a softening sub base. Sport England funding in late 2011 allowed what was a repair job to become complete replacement thus adding value to all the funding inputs.

The new layout includes 2 full-sized quality basketball courts with an additional pair of practice hoops making 6 baskets to shoot at. In the remaining space there is a 5 aside football area, which can double for Netball or Volleyball.

Adjacent to the courts and principally funded by the London Mayor's Fund and London Marathon Trust is a quality 14 piece outdoor gym offering some 22 work out stations.

Attention will now turn to fundraising for the final phase of improvements to the north end of the Common where a plaza is proposed with seating and planting; a place to sit and relax.

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To find out more about Ducketts Common, how it's managed and future aims and aspirations, please see the  Ducketts Common management plan 2019 (PDF, 1.5MB).

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Ducketts Common
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