Report a Problem in a Park

Report via My Account | Report as a guest | Report using mobile app | General suggestions

You can report problems taking place in one of Haringey's parks in any of the following ways.

Please note, this tool is used for reporting all public space issues across Haringey. Once in the tool, select a park location and you will then be able to select an appropriate park category.

Report a problem via My Account (requires registration)

By registering with My Account you can track the progress of your reports and access many other council services in one place (such as council tax, benefits and libraries).

Guest reporting (no registration required)

If you don't require updates you can report issues to us without registering here.

Download the Our Haringey/Love Clean Streets mobile app

The Our Haringey app is part of the Love Clean Streets network and makes it quick and easy to report problems when you’re out and about in the borough.

Once you download the app you can take a photo of the problem, and send it directly to the team responsible for fixing it. We’ll then send you progress updates and let you know when it’s fixed.

General suggestions

If you have a more general comment or suggestion about how we could improve our parks please use the following:


Page last updated:

October 11, 2021