Parks and Ageing Well survey

The environment where we live, work and play can have significant impacts on our health and wellbeing. Good places and spaces enable us to enjoy, socialise and be more physically active, feel safe and improves our mental wellbeing.

We are developing a Parks and Ageing Well pilot project with our partners to map, identify and develop new activities and opportunities for older people (those aged 50+) in two of our parks: Lordship Recreation Ground and O R Tambo Recreation Ground (formerly Albert Road Rec).


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We need your help!

We want your help to understand more about these parks to enable us to focus our efforts effectively to improve the green spaces we have and to better support the residents of Haringey. We have developed a short survey to help provide us with a richer knowledge base from which to build a better future.

The Parks and Ageing Well survey can be accessed via the following link and we would encourage you to take this opportunity to influence the future of these parks. All information received will be kept confidential and will only be used for the specific purpose of this survey.

Complete the survey and help us to make a difference.

Complete the Parks and Ageing Well survey

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Page last updated:

March 2, 2021