Events in Finsbury Park

2019 marked the 150th anniversary of the opening of Finsbury Park. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a wide range of events and activities, together with the local community.

Finsbury Park hosts a wide range of events each year from festivals, funfairs, family attractions, charity gatherings and fun runs. Events bring in vital income to help to fund new facilities and improvements as well as helping to ensure that Finsbury Park continues to be a popular destination and attracting new visitors to the area. Find out more about how events income is spent by reading the Finsbury Park Events newsletter (PDF, 529KB).

Details on large and major events planned for Finsbury Park can be found on our borough-wide events page.

We work closely with event organisers, as well as the Finsbury Park Events Stakeholder Group, to ensure that these events take place smoothly and safely, with as little disruption to local people as possible.

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How event income has been invested in Finsbury Park

  • £215,000 on revamping and modernising the ball courts. The sleek new courts now feature eight basketball hoops, a badminton court, three volleyball courts, two netball courts and outdoor table tennis facilities - all free to use
  • £105,000 on safer and better lighting at the track and gym
  • £50,000 on demolishing a disused pavilion which had attracted anti-social behaviour, clearing the way for us to open up public access to a currently closed section of New River
  • New maintenance machinery, allowing for better grass restoration after the events, and security improvements to areas where equipment is stored

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The Finsbury Park Events Stakeholder Group

The Finsbury Park Events Stakeholder Group is made up of park user groups and stakeholders, residents' associations, traders' groups, councillors and council officers from Haringey, Hackney and Islington Councils.

Find out more on the Finsbury Park Events Stakeholder Group page.

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January 27, 2020