Bin it or take it home. Love your park - do not litter.

Bin it or take it home

We are experiencing a significant increase in litter left in our parks and we need you to take action now, so bin it or take it home.

The council spends £0.5m pounds each year, picking up litter and disposing of rubbish from Haringey parks alone! Just think what we could do with that money instead of spending it on litter and rubbish left by irresponsible people? If we continue as we are, we will either have to find more money to make sure the parks are cleaned, or parks will become messy and unsafe places.

This is how much rubbish we have to clear

  • In May 2020 we cleared nearly 50 tonnes of rubbish and litter from parks alone - this is double than last year May.
  • This is the equivalent to filling two twelve metre shipping containers - and the weight of nearly 7 male African elephants!

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This is what the council does to help keep your parks clean

  • We employ 15 people alone to pick up litter left by people in parks
  • Our staff empty 612 park bins, either once a day, or once every two days
  • In addition to permanent bins, we have installed eight ‘continental’ 1,100 litre bins in Finsbury Park. These are emptied three times a week minimum, and are full again very soon after emptying!
  • 95% of rubbish is made up of food and drink waste and we clear up after people on a daily basis including parties and picnics that take place in parks

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And this is how you can help

  • Park users have to help us to keep the parks clean
  • Never leave anything behind when using the parks
  • If you have rubbish, put it in the bins provided
  • If they are full, take it home with you and dispose of it through your household waste service.
  • Never put rubbish next to a bin in a park – this is likely to be blown around the park or pulled around by animals. It also takes more time for us to clean it up, and costs more money
  • Try and cut down on your disposable waste. If bringing food or drink to the park, use reusable containers or refillable water bottles

Why not join one of the many Friends of parks and community groups? They often carry out their own regular litter picking activities, just like the Friends of Albert Road Rec in the picture above. We will support anyone who wants to get involved with keeping our parks clean and tidy.

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Page last updated:

July 31, 2020

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