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Borrowing and charges

COVID-19 update - book fines 

We have introduced new charges from 17 May 2021 (please see details below).

Therefore, we will remove overdue charges for items that became overdue from 23 March 2020 until 16 May 2021.

We're working with our supplier to ensure that any overdue charges incorrectly applied are removed. If you believe that you have been incorrectly charged for overdue items, please speak to staff when you next visit the library or contact us on 020 8489 2700.

Customers will need to pay any charges incurred before 23 March 2020, in line with our normal fees and charges.

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 See also: COVID-19: Library services currently available.

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What we offer

  • Library members can borrow books, eBooks and eAudiobooks, language courses free of charge
  • There is a small charge for borrowing music CDs, audiobooks and DVDs
  • An affordable and attractive Audio/Visual subscription offer
  • Members may borrow up to 12 books/audiobooks, 8 CDs and 4 DVDs to a maximum of 24 items
  • You may keep each item for 3 weeks (6 weeks for language courses)
  • DVDs may only be borrowed for one week
  • Loans are made to those who are able to visit our libraries personally
  • There is also a Home Library Service for people who are unable to visit our libraries in person

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Fees and charges

Library charges changed in all Haringey Libraries from 17 May 2021.

We introduced a comprehensive range of concessions for young people, over 65s and those in receipt of certain benefits and financial support. 

Reservation charges are no longer applied to stock that is available in our catalogue, including if items are out on loan.

Please note: if a particular item is not in the catalogue, the administration fee will apply (see details below).

We also introduced an affordable audio/visual subscription offer, where hire charges are not applied during the subscription period. Overdue fines apply.

Concessionary rates are for library members who are:

  • 16 to 24 year old
  • over 65
  • in receipt of certain benefits and financial support, such as: 
    • job seekers allowance, housing benefit or Universal Credit
    • employment and support allowance or pension credit
    • disability living allowance, personal independence payment or with other verification of long-standing disability

Table: Library charges and fees

DescriptionStandard adult membership

Concessionary membership

Under 16s memberships

Reservations (for items available in our catalogue)


Reservations on items Requested to Order (for items not available in our catalogue)

See note below on reservation charges


Overdue items (except DVDs/Blu-Rays)

See note on outstanding charges below

25p per item per day15p per item per dayFree
Maximum charge per item (except DVDs/Blu-Rays)£6£3Free
Audio/Visual SubscriptionAnnual £20
Quarterly £6
Annual £10
Quarterly £3


Music CDs hire charge per item

DVDs / Blu-Rays hire charge per item
  • Blockbusters (New Releases)
    £3.50 for 1 week 
  • Feature films, TV series and documentaries
    £2 for 1 week
  • Multi DVD Sets (items with 3 or more discs)
    £2.50 for 1 week 
  • Blockbusters (New Releases)
    £1.75 for 1 week
  • Feature films, TV series and documentaries
    £1 for 1 week
  • Multi DVD Sets (items with 3 or more discs)
    £1.25 for 1 week
Overdue DVDs/Blu-RaysIf DVDs and Blu-Ray are overdue, full hire charges will apply for every additional hire period stated up to maximum charge (see below). Also, see note on outstanding charges below.N/A
Maximum charge per overdue DVDs/Blu-Rays
  • Blockbusters
  • Feature films, TV series and documentaries 
  • Multi DVD sets 
  • Blockbusters
  • Feature films, TV series and documentaries 
  • Multi DVD sets 
Spoken word (audiobooks)£150p but free for Over 65sFree

Lost/stolen Library Card charge

First replacement is free; £1 per replacement thereafter
Lost/damaged items
  • If you lose or damage an item, we will charge you for the cost of replacing it. In the case of DVDs/Blu-Rays, this is the cost of the rental edition. 
  • If an item is out of print or production, there are standard charges to a maximum of £25 (non-fiction) and £15 (fiction and DVDs/Blu-rays). For items that belong to Reserve Stock, there is a fixed charge of £25 per item
Small ads£3 per 3-week period (ads should be no larger than A5)
Printing and photocopying per side of sheet
  • Black and White
    • A4 20p
    • A3 30p
  • Colour
    • A4 50p
    • A3 £1
Scan to email5p per side of sheet per recipient

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Reservations for requests to order items 

The reservation charge is an administrative charge and is payable upon making the reservation. It is not a guarantee that an item can be supplied. We aim to fulfil the majority of requests but occasionally this is not possible, if so, you will be notified.

      Outstanding charges

      Please note: any charges that have been outstanding for 3 months or more will result in your account being blocked.

      In order to start using your account again, you will need to clear the outstanding balance. If charges accumulate to £10 or more, your account will again be automatically blocked.

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      September 27, 2021