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Haringey is the borough of creativity, innovation, and progress. It is the birthplace of broadcasting, the home of Britain’s first ever film studio, the place where the Penny Post stamp was invented and where the man who named our clouds was born. World-renowned musicians and artists operate from Haringey. 

This is a borough where history has been made and where people have quite literally gone on to shape the world. 

In March 2020 Haringey Council was announced as winner of a Cultural Impact Award, as part of the Mayor of  London’s Borough of Culture programme for the Haringey Feast… a feast in Haringey's creativity!

In the autumn of 2023, a giant table will be the setting of the Haringey Feast.

Leading up to the day, maker classes will be held across the borough - in schools, libraries, care homes, arts venues and community centres – engaging people from across Haringey to develop the designs, decorations, recipes and performances to be experienced on the day. 

All elements of the feast will be considered:

  • Bowls, napkins etc. – designed by local creatives
  • Performances – by local artists and organisations
  • Tablecloths – designed and embroidered by local creatives and communities
  • Music – played by local musicians
  • Simple soup recipes developed by community groups.

This is a partnership project, created with cultural organisations and creatives across the borough. 

Haringey Feast will be a day of rolling activity; a curated cultural feast celebrating all things… made by Haringey!

More details coming soon…

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Haringey Feast is funded by a Cultural Impact Award, awarded to exemplary individual projects as part of the Mayor of London’s London Borough of Culture programme (external link)

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September 20, 2023