Women's History Maps

Illustrated Map of Haringey

In 2021 we marked Women's History Month by launching a new web resource - The Haringey Women's History Map. Three beautifully illustrated maps highlight the interesting lives and accomplishments of many women who have contributed, influenced and helped shape the area we know today.

From the archives of Bruce Castle Museum, The Haringey Women's History Maps bring together the stories and lives of around 250 women who lived or worked in Haringey. Some stories will be known, others forgotten or overlooked, whilst even more need to be uncovered and told. 

Discover and learn about their amazing achievements, deeds and darings-

  • From parachutist Dolly Shepherd and the first motorbike trials by women at Alexandra Palace
  • To the philanthropy of Priscilla Wakefield in Tottenham or Mrs Smithies of Wood Green towards animal welfare
  • The vision of teacher Blanche Nevile in Tottenham
  • Or the courage and strength in Muswell Hill shown by Adelaide Tambo in the late 20th century and the Spong sisters as suffragettes in the early 1900s.
  • You can see the range of their skill and creativity too in the novels of Buchi Emecheta in Crouch End, the crafts of Annie Bradley or textile designer Althea McNish, both of Tottenham. 

The maps can be enjoyed either from home or whilst out on a walk - you can download a map and its corresponding legend and information and explore the different areas by following the number sequence; or you can make up your own route - and be inspired by our Haringey's Women's History. 

Page last updated:

January 9, 2023