Family Activities

Be inspired by women artists, educators, writers and campaigners and discover more about women in Haringey with some crafts, quizzes and fun family activities for all ages. 

Arts and Crafts activities

Get hands on with a selection of creative arts and craft activities celebrating local women and women's history.

  • How to make a Suffragette Rosette Suffrage rosette

During the women's suffrage movement women campaigning for the vote were encouraged to wear their rosette at all times to show support for the cause.

Create a Suffragette Rosette inspired by the campaign for women's votes. 

Download the instructions below and get crafting. 

How to make a Suffrage Rosette (PDF, 280KB)

  • How to make a Suffrage BannerSuffrage Banner

During the Suffrage Movement, banners were used as part of the campaign for women's votes. Banners used in early processions were often homemade and were inscribed with the words 'Votes for Women'. As the movement progressed banners became more detailed and elaborate and the messages changed. Later banners often included the names of different societies, geographical areas and famous women of the movement. 

Why not design your own Suffrage banner or a banner to represent a cause you are passionate about!

Download a template and instructions below.

How to make a Suffrage Banner (PDF, 380KB)

  • Althea McNish: A Cultural IconAlthea McNish print

Althea McNish was an internationally important textile designer and artist who lived in Haringey, in West Green Road for over 50 years.

Originally from Trinidad, Althea came to the UK in her late teens and had a prestigious career as a designer and became the first woman from the Caribbean to rise to prominence in the field of textile design. 

A previous exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum - We Made It! had a dedicated display of some of Althea's work from the museums' collections.

Get inspired by the works of Althea McNish and create your own textile patterns. Download the instructions below.

Design your own textile patterns (PDF, 151KB)

  • How to make a Piggy BankPiggy Bank Craft

Do you save your pennies and find they grow into pounds? Why not start saving your pennies in your very own piggy bank, inspired by former Tottenham resident Priscilla Wakefield. 

Priscilla lived in Tottenham over 200 years ago and had the idea of opening a bank where poorer people could save their money. She encouraged women and children in particular to save what they could of their income to help them later in life. 

Download the piggy bank craft instructions and get crafting. 

How to make a Piggy Bank (PDF, 244KB)

  • How to make a flower headdressPicture of flower headdress craft

Get creative and make your own flower headdress.

How to make a flower headdress (PDF, 826KB)

Women's Word Searches

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Why not test your knowledge of Women's History. 

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