Women’s History Month 2024

Women's History Month raises awareness and empowers women by discovering, documenting and celebrating women's lives and achievements. Our vision is of a diverse society where everyone's contributions are celebrated and recognised equally.

We are documenting and listing these contributions across our Women's History Month webpages where you will find lots to explore: from event listings, crafts, quizzes, and uncovering around 250 stories and histories about Haringey women, recorded on our beautifully illustrated maps. 

Find out more about the exceptional and fascinating lives of some of the local women from Haringey's past. Over the centuries these women have changed how we think or the way we do things and have contributed to making our borough what it is today.

So please explore our Women's History Month webpages - take part, connect, get creative and take inspiration from our Haringey Women's History. 

Women have shaped Haringey and the world: discover, learn and be inspired. 


Page last updated:

January 16, 2024