Connecting with the Castle

Whilst we had been all at home during the Covid-19 lockdown, we were busy thinking of ways to connect with our visitors.

One of the ways you can connect with Bruce Castle is through our new online gallery. The gallery is a space for people, young and old, to take inspiration from our collections, share their mementoes and exhibit some of their own artistic responses to Bruce Castle and other local themes about the area and its people.

Why not get creative with different mediums in your home and send in your artwork to go on display in our gallery. Send in your creations to along with your first name and age. Please note we cannot post images of children so photographs of artwork only please.


Bruce Castle Images:

Round Tower, Hector Aged 9


Oil Pastel of Bruce Castle, Modupe Aged 10


Crayon Drawing of Bruce Castle, Amina Aged 9


Oil Pastel of Bruce Castle - Bruno, Aged 9


iPad drawing of Bruce Castle - Estrild Aged 10


Toys Over Time:

Cat Puppet, 1950s – Michael

I was given this glove puppet when I was about 7. Undoubtedly it inspired my love of black cats.

Sindy Doll, 1960s

The Sindy doll was a household name in the UK and was made in 1963 by Pedigree Dolls & Toys. Created as a rival to the US Barbie doll, Sindy became the best-selling toy in the UK between 1968 – 1970.

Sindy was known for her range of clothes and accessories. This doll dates from the late 1960s. You can tell by her shorter hair. She has a more local and home-made look as her owner has made her a nurse’s outfit which was the uniform worn by nurses at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Tottenham.

Chiltern Bear 1950s-60s

This charming little teddy bear was made in Tottenham. He is a very special Chiltern teddy bear, and dates from either the very late 1950s or 1960s.

Most of these teddy bears have the label ‘Chiltern Hygienic Toy. Made in England’. He gets that name from the Chiltern Toy Works that was opened by Josef Eisenmann in 1908.

Teddies, Rosamund

The picture is of my two eldest bears, Tody and Ted. Ted is about 60 years old, as he was bought for my brother who is now 61. My mother told me that I chose Tody for myself in the toy shop, likely to have been Galt Toys on Great Marlborough St, central London. I think he is therefore about 56. I probably chose him because he has bells in his ears, which makes him rather special.

Dolls House, Holly

My favourite toy by far when I was growing up was my dolls house. I got this one when I was 10. It is a shop with a house. It came as a kit and my dad put it together over several late nights on the kitchen floor. Then gradually I collected things for it. I was always very particular about only having furniture. I didn't like dolls because people are meant to move. So, I left it like an abandoned house and imagined The Borrowers visiting in the night.

Catty, Beatrice Aged 10

This is my toy cat. She is 9 years old. I love her because she is always there for me and even though she is a toy, I tell her everything and I always cuddle her. Once I left her on the W3 bus, but my dad ran after the bus and got her back for me safe and sound.

Teddy Bear, Lorna

The teddy is probably from the mid 1950’s. I dug it out to put in our window so children being taken for their daily exercise can spot teddies in windows. The feet have new coverings and the bit in the stomach which you pressed to get it to growl stopped working a long time ago!

Page last updated:

October 25, 2021

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