Our Employment Policies

Employment conditions

Your employment conditions are negotiated and adopted at three levels - national, regional and (local) Haringey Council. The conditions apply to particular work, or sections of staff. All contractual conditions are negotiated jointly with trade union representatives.

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The employment relationship

As an employee of Haringey Council you enjoy many rewards and benefits. In return we expect you to do your job to the best of your ability and behave in a manner that enhances the council’s image. The Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules provides standards that employees are expected to adhere to.

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How does the council assess I’m doing the job to the best of my ability?

The council has introduced performance appraisals for its employees. This enables key objectives and tasks for individuals to be drawn up from your service’s business plan and regularly reviewed. It also identifies the skills and knowledge needed to do the job, and any specific training requirements that are needed. Your manager will provide you with more information.

If there are serious concerns about your work performance this will be dealt with as part of the probationary period, if applicable, or via the council’s Capability Procedure.

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What is the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules?

The Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules detail the way in which employees are expected to behave. Failure to follow the Code or Rules may lead to disciplinary action. Some of the provisions in the Code of Conduct are outlined on this page. Full details will be provided to you when you start.

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Probationary period

When you start with the council you will be subject to a probationary period of six months. If you are changing jobs in the council you will be given a three-month period of support and development.

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Learning and development opportunities

The council provides in-house training, management development opportunities and a range of specialist programmes. There are also opportunities to undertake qualification courses with our post entry training scheme. The council’s performance appraisal scheme is used to help assess your learning and development needs and your line manager is responsible for approving these. Details can be found on the council’s intranet or from your manager.

Find out more on our Professional Development page.

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Equal Opportunities

All employees have a right to equal consideration and should not be discriminated against, harassed or victimised because of their race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, gender, disability, age, HIV status, marital status, sexual preference or unrelated criminal conviction.

Discrimination, harassment and victimisation are unlawful, and will lead to disciplinary action.

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February 20, 2023

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