Haringey Works Temporary Recruitment Service

If you live in Haringey, are looking for temporary work and would like to work for Haringey Council, register on the Haringey Works portal.

Why take a temporary position?

  • Working as a temp is a brilliant way to explore different roles and gain valuable work experience. Roles range from Customer Service Officers and Health Care Support Workers – to Parking Attendant and Street Hygiene Maintenance. 
  • Temping is an excellent way to gain the vital skills and experience that employers are looking for when hiring. Temping allows you to get that first experience that will impress employers later on.
  • When you temp, you’re in control. Whether you’re looking for some work to tie you over between jobs or until you’re making your next journey in life, temping allows you to work with flexibility. 
  • Temporary workers are entitled to paid leave and bank holidays. Also, because you get paid by the hour when temping, any overtime you do will be paid for.
  • Temping is a fantastic way to network and get your foot in the door of your dream job! Temporary positions can lead to permanent employment.

Why temp at Haringey Council?

You can:

  • Explore different roles and gain valuable work experience
  • Develop new skills 
  • Work flexibly 
  • Enjoy a shorter commute and lower travel costs
  • Earn London Living Wage and above 

Positions are available now.

Register your interest in being a tempHaringey Works portal

Page last updated:

December 21, 2022